Adobe InDesign training in Quebec

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InDEDesign course description

Adobe InDesign is a popular software among creative and publishing specialists.
This InDesign training is perfect for anyone (graphic designers, administrative assistants, communications specialists, etc.) who wants to acquire the knowledge necessary to create printed documents.
We use the Adobe InDesign software to create magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, etc. Adobe InDesign is a page layout software that integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InCopy, and Dreamweaver. Adobe InDesign allows you to execute much more complicated and original layouts than with conventional word processing software.

Thanks to this Adobe InDesign course, participants will be able to properly use its tools which will allow them to better understand graphic chains, work on texts and images, become familiar with typography, etc.

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  • Become familiar with the tools of creation and InDesign layout
    InDesign training allows you to become familiar with the use of tools specific to InDesign
    Create and manage multiple pages in an InDesign document, brochures, books, journals etc.
    Learn the different document formats and the different structures to use in order to design printable pages
    Use of images and texts
    Realization of tables
    To deepen the knowledge of the tools of InDesign layout
    Understanding and realization of vector object
    Compression and optimization tool for print or web delivery
    Know how to use a computer.
    Pedagogical approachThe Adobe InDesign course is based on an approach
    personalized that takes into account your achievements, your skills and what you want to learn.

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    A private InDesign training that really meets your needs as well as the possibility of deepening at your own pace.
    Variable schedule according to your availability.

    [email protected]


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