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blender is a complete 3D suite: modeling texturing animation rendered real-time editing. Blender is free software.

Blender software is a suite of 3d software integrated into a single piece of software. These small pieces of software can process absolutely the entire production chain of a film from3d animated. Its interface allows great flexibility in the use of its 3D modeling and animation tools, without ever leaving blender. This Blender training in Toronto will allow you to navigate through these different software called "edition windows".

3D Workshop ON BLENDER Montreal AND Training in ANIMATION and RENDERING Toronto and Montreal

Introduction to 3D in Toronto

•Introduction to 3D.
•Getting started with the interface
•Windows and their handling
•Move around in the 3D view
•Types of 3D view
•The 3D cursor
•Modifications of objects
•The pivot point
•Adding materials to objects
•First rendering and its recording

Object editing

•Edit mode
•Local and global coordinates .
•The components of a mesh
•Edit points/segments/faces
•The loops/loops and their division
•Creation/deletion of faces
•Surface subdivision

The curves

•Creation of objects by combining primitives.
•Know the modeling modes
•Import an object from another source
•Deform an object
•Convert to Object


•The different types of texture
•Texture influences
•The placement of textures
•UV unfolding

Editing Objects

•Symmetry and Boolean operations
•Organic shapes “Metaballs”
•Editing tools
•Prepare and check the mesh

Applying textures

•Texture types: 2D/3D Shader and Bitmap
•Apply a texture
•Create a simple or complex texture
•Animated textures
•Texture Projection and UVW Mapping

Lighting management

•Add and configure a light source
•Use different types of lighting
• Volumetric lighting and surface lighting
•Manage shadows

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3d modeling course on blender Toronto and Calgary

The world of 3d design and animation is an ever-changing ecosystem that requires precise attention to detail and a keen sense of creativity. One of the most important aspects of mastering the techniques that help us navigate this terrain is observing the world around us and appreciating the complex and often unrecognized beauty that resides within it. In Ottawa, where each student of blender comes to explore and learn, we emphasize the importance of connecting with the physical world and exploring how it relates to the virtual world. Our program includes courses in architecture and engineering AutoCAD as well asanimation 3DS architectural. Our trainers and experts have experience to draw inspiration from physical structures and biological materials that we encounter every day and use them to shape the world of 3d design into something really impressive. By understanding the nuances of the relationship between the digital and physical worlds, we can push the boundaries of creativity beyond their limits.

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3D TRAINING ON BLENDER and vray in Toronto

For build a 3d object, you have to start by breaking it down to its simplest expression called Polygon (many angles). Thus each 3d object will be built from multiple polygons with four angles (rectangle or quad) or three corners (triangle or tris). THE blender software has many operators which allow to organize, to modify, to smooth these quantities of polygons. Called topology, this organization is an essential part of a good introduction to 3D modeling at Quebec and Lévis.

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Blender is a 3d sequel complete: modeling texturing animation rendering real-time editing

Blender is free software

Blender is cross-platform:


Mac os X Windows

Blender is a complete and therefore complex tool. It is not designed to be usable as easily and as quickly as possible, but it is made to be as effective as possible once mastered.

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