Training in website design and UX/UI 2D Animation

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Courses for web design and UX/UI designed for businesses.

A website is essential for everyone today. In this technological century, it is the one that is the most digital that is doing well. There website design thus represents the possibility of having a showcase on which your image or that of your company will be reflected both in Ottawa than anywhere in the world.

Only, with the development of technologies in the field of mobile telephony and especially with the invasion of digital tablets, e-readers and Smartphones, you no longer only have to design a website, but ensure that your site has a responsive design. This aspect will allow it to adapt perfectly to all terminals. In doing so, this training in Toronto will help you understand the basics of Web programming to finally allow your website to be perfectly optimized. Moreover, with the seminars in Hull, Toronto Where Gatineau you could understand more, the importance of this new type of design to your site.

Training in user experience and user interface website design

Training in website design and seo

Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website editor that can be extremely useful for beginners on the web. It allows you to build a website quickly and easily, without having to have extensive knowledge of HTML. If you want to learn more about how to use Dreamweaver for optimal results, there are a variety of helpful resources available. These resources can teach you how to effectively use the software to achieve your website goals.

Training in website design and seo

Learn how to create, edit, manage and code custom WordPress websites and themes. WordPress is free and open source, making it the most popular CMS for building websites and blogs of all types. You don't need any previous infographic experience! To learn more...

Training in website design and seo

Adobe Animate is the new version of Adobe Flash, now optimized for HTML5 Canvas, therefore compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Participants in this course will learn how to create interactive HTML5 animations for the web. To learn more...

Training in website design and seo in Montreal

The aim of the web design program is to train professionals capable of occupying the positions of web designer, web designer, web developer, web developer, web programmer, web UX/UI designer or webmaster. To learn more...

3D Modeling courses in Toronto and Rendering courses in Calgary

The program of continuous business training proposed by JFL Media includes two important components, a technical component which allows the student * to acquire the skills necessary for the UX/UI website programming in particular learning various software, programming, databases, computing and servers – secondary technologies. 

3D Modeling courses in Toronto and Rendering courses in Calgary

Training in website design and seo

Since the natural referencing (SEO) brings three times more traffic than social networks, it is essential to master this discipline. Learn the natural reference therefore becomes a priority if you want to boost your business and your career. You don't have the knowledge of an SEO agent yet? No stress, we are here to help you with our SEO training in Toronto. Whether you want to learn SEO or improve in it, we will have a SEO training in Montreal that will meet your needs.


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