Learn photo editing with Adobe Photoshop CC in Ottawa and Gatineau

Adobe Photoshop CC training for federal officials in Ottawa is a specialized program that offers courses specifically tailored to the needs of federal officials. The course consists of five chapters that cover advanced photo editing techniques, including image manipulation, retouching, color correction, and more. Each chapter contains five instructional points designed to give the student a full understanding of the software Adobe Photoshop CC. The course also provides hands-on training in the use of the software, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and familiarize themselves with the features and tools available.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop course

1. Introducing Adobe Photoshop CC and its features
2. Understand the Photoshop workspace
3. Using the tool panel and creating a new project
4. Explore color preferences and settings
5. Understand the Layers panel and its functions

Learn to Work with Images in Photoshop

1. Importimages in Photoshop
2. Resize, crop and transform images
3. Retouch, enhance and restore images
4. Working with masks, channels and paths
5. Blend Modes and Filters for Creative Effects

Workshop Digital painting and drawing in Photoshop

1. Create custom brushes for painting and drawing
2. Using the brush tool for digital painting and drawing techniques
3. Working with shapes, paths and selections
4. Creating Vector Graphics with the Pen Tool
5. Add text to your artwork

Training in photo manipulation techniques

1. Combine multiple images into a composite photo
2. Adjusting the Color, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness of an Image
3. Added special effects such as lighting, shadows, textures and more
4. Apply non-destructive edits with adjustment layers
5. Combine multiple layers to create an advanced composite image

Seminar Getting your work out for print or the web

1. Prepare your work for print or web use
2. Optimizing your images for web use with the save feature for the website
3. Export files in JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF formats
4. Using the Slice tool to create multiple images from a single file
5. Share your work on social media or other online platforms

Moreover, the in-company course in Ottawa for Adobe Photoshop CC offer a variety of benefits to area government employees. These include access to up-to-date training materials, expert instruction from certified professionals, and a comprehensive curriculum that allows employees to learn at their own pace. By providing training to all employees in the region, government agencies can ensure that their personnel have the skills necessary to effectively use the software to create images and high quality graphics. Thanks to this formation, employees can quickly and efficiently produce professional-looking results that will help their organization achieve its goals.

Adobe Photoshop Ottawa Training