SEO and web marketing training in Toronto and Vancouver

SEO courses in Toronto and Calgary

SEO web marketing courses in Toronto and Vancouver

the SEO represents an essential dimension of any digital marketing strategy. This practice aims to increase the positioning of a digital property on search engines, making it a very powerful acquisition channel.

This SEO training in Toronto aims to equip students with the knowledge necessary to understand the positioning of this practice in the context of marketing strategy and to proceed with the implementation of SEO improvement tactics.

Since the natural referencing (SEO) brings three times more traffic than social networks, it is essential to master this discipline. Learning natural referencing therefore becomes a priority if you want to propel your business and your career. You don't have the knowledge of an SEO agent yet? No stress, we are here to help you with our SEO training in Toronto. Whether you want to learn SEO or improve in this area, we will have SEO training in Montreal that will meet your needs.

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Opening hours: 09h00 – 17h00

Learn SEO in Vancouver and Toronto

Remark: The lesson plan outlined above includes knowledge/activities typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his or her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the students.

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The SEO course in Toronto addresses these four aspects

•Mind mapping thinking about “architecture” in addition to site ergonomics
• Prioritize content without worrying about navigation
• Order the ideas and plan the writing of the articles
•Streamline the internal linking of the site

SEO web architecture, understanding what a solid foundation is

•The tree structure of the site, its architecture and its ergonomics
•The founding pages
•Parent pages, child pages
•What is blogging?
•Categories and articles
•Internal linking

Image SEO

•File name
•Alt tag
• Correct physical size
•Minimum computer weight
•Micro image formats

Optimize texts

•Research of keywords and key phrases
•Notion of lexical field
• Editorial optimization, technical writing

Know the different emphasis

•Structuring of texts
•The chapo: the introduction / summary
•Heading tags
•The quote tag
•Bullet list and paragraph airing
•Bold, italic and underline
•Manage linking or internal linking

netlinking imposes and work on high quality criteria.

•Classic supports
•Directories, what are they still worth?
•Blog comments, why are they losing momentum
• Content publishing site,
•Real press releases
•Guest articles or guest blogging
•The exchange of ethical links
•Your suppliers, a natural link source
•Your partners, don't do anything…
•The case of Forums

Populate meta tags

• Title and description metas
•html 5 semantics
• hreflang
•webmaster tool
• charset declaration
•Analytics tracking
•relevant microformats
•Possible Adwords follow-up

Help indexing by bots

•Robot txt file
•Single Css file
•Site plan
•Robot meta tag
•Language declaration
• Own code
•Avoid Java, Ajax, Iframe, flash
•CSS validation
•W3c validation
•Avoid 404

Site Security

• Anti-intrusion scripts
• Spam management
•SSL certificate

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Google SEO web marketing training in Vancouver and Calgary

Know and learn to identify the important elements of a good website SEO. Learn how to measure and evaluate using tools the state of your Internet referencing and put in place a SEO strategy adapted to the situation. Bring the student to understand the basics of SEO, to be able to assess the current state of SEO and set up a internet SEO strategy.

Private course in SEO in Vancouver and Toronto

Learn how to coherently integrate your activities on the web, while developing a strategy of digital marketing aligned with your company's business objectives.

The digital revolution is forcing all business sectors to rethink their marketing approaches. Today, it is no longer just about offering a practical and simple website; you have to make sure to attract, convert and retain customers, and this, through several digital touchpoints.

Companies must initiate multi-channel advertising campaigns, optimize their online presence, improve their referencing, study in detail their web analytics, participate in social media and develop mobile applications.

With the certification in digital marketing, you will be able to increase and improve your virtual presence to reach new heights.

Google SEO web marketing course

SEO coaching in Toronto and website optimization

In this training, you will learn the fundamentals of SEO, you will discover what are the elements to optimize on your site and outside, the importance of local SEO and keyword research, and finally how to measure and track your results.

The objective of this training is to approach SEO as a whole by moving from theory to practice by analyzing concrete examples of optimization that have been successful. You will also be able to obtain personalized advice in order toimprove your SEO as well as your strategy.

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Web marketing business workshop in Toronto and Vancouver

Companies, associations, institutions, entrepreneurs, businesses, we all use the web to promote our products and services and stand out from the competition. The web is now so present in our professional lives that it has become essential to use it optimally and to know the fundamentals and techniques that allow us toincrease its visibility, otherwise you risk putting a lot of effort for little results. This is where the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Where natural reference in French. 

Learn the intermediate and advanced functions google SEO web marketing in Toronto

 A short, creative, innovative and precise program concerning subjects that are still scary, but in which we understand the issues, the risks and the solutions, thanks to concrete cases and cutting-edge speakers. 


English courses 

Webmarketing Corporate Training



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You can book private or group lessons on site or via Zoom.
Training can be given in English or French.
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