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If you are a photographer, graphic designer, web designer or aspire to become one, learn how to use Adobe Photoshop is a must! Whether you know nothing about Adobe Photoshop or are a very experienced user, our Adobe Photoshop course at JFL Media Training will provide you with valuable knowledge, tips and tricks to improve the efficiency and quality of your work while bringing to life what your creativity imagines.

You do not need previous experience to participate in these courses.

The photoshop training with JFL Media Training are personalized to your goals, skills and projects so you can learn skills taught by experienced designers and become a true Photoshop expert who will know how to improve, retouch and color photographs and other digital images for the world. 

Adobe Photoshop training program

Remark: The lesson plan outlined above includes knowledge/activities typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his or her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the students.

For more information, please contact our staff by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-866-259-5647

Basics of Photoshop

• Photoshop interface
• Image navigation tools
• Using the History panel
• History and instant brush

Characteristics of a Photoshop file

• Pixels and paint programs
• Image resolution, dimensions and file size
• Channels and color modes

How to work with layers

• Create a multi-layered document
• Cutting techniques
• Move, resize and rotate layers
• Conscious content scale
• Library panel
• Export of layered documents
• Warp transformations and distortion

Working with tone and color

· Brightness and contrast settings
• Adjusting the color balance
Hue and saturation control
• Selective color editions.

Working with Paint & Color

• Color mixing and sampling
• The Brush tool
• Use brush settings
• Added solid colors
• Added shades

Shape and text layers

• Vector shape levels
• Work with the Text tool
• Character and paragraph formatting
• Adjust shape layer properties

Creative techniques using layers

Color fill levels
• Opacity of layers and blends
• Create layer effects
• Using layer masks

Retouching techniques

• Clone tool
• Healing brush tools
• Editing tools adapted to the content
• Removes imperfections and unwanted details

Photoshop coaching in Gatineau and Ottawa, learn how to create advertising banners with Adobe Photoshop for web marketing and content marketing

Adobe Photoshop Express

This one-day course will teach you how to perform specific tasks at theAdobe Photoshop Help. Want to know how to remove an unwanted element from your image? Learn how to save a file for print or the web? Retouch an image or do photo manipulation? Either way, we'll teach you how to do it in a day with Photoshop!

For Photoshop Express, we recommend that you take a 6-hour session so that you can quickly master the requested functionality. This course is optimal for users who are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and have a tight schedule.

Adobe Photoshop for Web Designers (UX + UI)

This course is ideal for users who have an understanding of how HTML and CSS work to build websites, basic knowledge of Photoshop, and/or knowledge of other Adobe products, such as: Adobe InDesign Where Adobe Illustrator. Students will learn how to design responsive websites for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Popular grid systems, like Bootstrap, will be used to facilitate this task. Other course activities are: creating and optimizing images for applications, websites and the like using the Adobe Photoshop features focused on UI and UX design, graphics creation high resolution and more.

Adobe coaching in business for the design and creation of digital documents for the web and social media, workshop by video conference

We have created this graphic design oriented course especially for people who want to get into the industry or who want to strengthen their Adobe Photoshop skills. Throughout the course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts and processes that underlie graphic design.

The main objective is to give you the tools so that you can bring to life what your creativity desires while expanding your portfolio. This course is also available with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe photoshop training online and in business Coaching on photo editing and digital document creation.

For more personalized Adobe Photoshop lessons contact us at +1866-259-5647


Advanced Adobe Photoshop training

Our advanced Photoshop CC course is designed for advanced users of photoshop. We will customize the course according to your current projects, so you can apply what is taught in real time. Our teachers show you how to effectively perform corrections, image edits and complex and dramatic manipulations.

You'll also learn specific tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to fix badly damaged skin, images, and more.

Creating GIFs with Photoshop

As you know, Adobe Photoshop is a design tool that allows users to create an immense amount of graphics. In this case, we will focus on the GIF creation engaging animations to showcase on mobile devices, apps, websites and more.

It is preferred that users who have had previous experience with Photoshop take this course, because our teachers will show students how to show or hide certain elements of the GIF, move elements and other useful features that will facilitate GIF creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We adapt to your schedule, you choose the day and time of your lesson(s).

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For online training, training is provided via the Zoom platform.


* Parking and/or travel charges may apply depending on your location

Each human is different, the duration of the courses depends on you, your project, your objective, your experience.

All courses are fully customized to apply to your current projects and meet your needs.

Companies that want to update the skills of their employees and professionals. And anyone wishing to acquire a new skill or improve their own, students, etc.

We are always looking for professionals interested in sharing their expertise with our clients. Please send your CV and/or Portfolio to [email protected]


* 10% reduction applies when paying for 4 sessions of 3 hours.
You can book private or group lessons on site or via Zoom.
Training can be given in English or French.
For on-site training, travel and/or parking fees may apply depending on your location.

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