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Adobe After Effects CC Toronto Training

Corporate Adobe After Effects courses City of Calgary and Toronto

Adobe After Effects Toronto Training

Training After Effects in Calgary and Toronto from A to Z will allow you to design a visual animation from graphic and video elements, to apply special effects and visual effects on video plans, to develop animated credits with the tools ofAdobe After Effects CC Toronto.

This After Effects training will allow you to practice new functions such as masking, different effects and 3D environments, allows you to create complex animations.
Apply effects to achieve attractive and dynamic visual compositions.
Use of masks and blending modes. Character Animation… Create a 3D environment by working with the X, Y, Z axes, cameras and light effects.
Add sound effects. Using markers and mattes to improve visual and sound effects.

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Opening hours: 09h00 – 17h00

coaching Adobe After Effects cc Calgary and Toronto

Remark: The lesson plan outlined above includes knowledge/activities typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his or her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the students.

For more information, please contact our staff by email at or by phone at 1-866-259-5647

Slideshows and precompositions


Use of masks

•Use of aesthetic and moving masks
•Fusion mode

Animations and characters

•The puppet tool: deformation and animation of objects
•Dynamic keyframe recording

The effects

•Effects: cycore, fractal noise, particles, “system” effects and others…
•Recording effects


•The links between the properties of the various effects
•The control of effects according to time
•Loops and interdependencies

Construction of a 3D environment

•The X, Y, Z axes
•Dynamic cameras: animation of cameras
•Lighting and effects

Audio Effects

•Sound effects
•Sound wave and frequency

Advanced Audio Editing Montreal

•Adobe Audition and AE software
•The markers


Luma and Alpha caches
•Effects created through mattes

Render and output

•Saving and exporting the project
•Customization of output functions
•High quality rendering

Continuing education in Quebec city with Adobe After effects CC

Video editing Workshop Adobe After Effects cc Region of Calgary and Toronto

Adobe After Effects is an indispensable partner in the creation of visual effects with a 2D or 3D rendering. It is very useful for professionals or beginners who want to get into 3D and compositing projects. On the other hand, to master it you have to learn the various techniques and above all acquire a very good method. This training will then present itself as an unfailing support in order to understand all the ins and outs of this video training program in Toronto computer science. In addition, the various modules will allow technicians to follow an accelerated professional development. In addition, if you are in Montreal, Laval or Longueuil, you can take an After Effects seminar and Montreal video editing courses to optimize your level.

training in motion design and Adobe video special effects in Toronto
This approach is more interesting for quickly learning production techniques with a breakdown that offers a detailed view of the entire program as well as the possibility of reviewing exactly the lesson of the desired technique without looking for information in endless videos.
Course in motion design with Adobe after effects CC by video conference and online in Montreal

Learn After Effects CC with the Pros in Toronto

video production software Adobe After Effects Calgary will allow you to create professional animations for your corporate or educational videos.

private Adobe After effects coaching via webcam and continuing education for federal and provincial civil servants across Canada

For personalized Adobe after effects CC lessons, contact us at 1-866-259-5647

Private lesson in Toronto in business Adobe CC after effects

Adobe After Effects Toronto Training was the pioneer of graphic animation on the personal computer. It's like a Photoshop Quebec program but with animation skills!

Indeed, Adobe After Effects is a powerful software used by theFilm Industry to create visual effects and animations.
This Adobe After Effects training in Calgary would therefore allow you to design dynamic concepts by learning, among other things, to produce special effects, introductions and much more! As the objective of Adobe After Effects Toronto software is to focus on the sequence of shots and rhythm. 

Learn the advanced functions of Adobe After Effects in a training in Calgary and Toronto

Adobe After Effects is a digital animation composition and editing software. With Adobe After Effects Calgary, you can create dazzling motion pictures and whimsical visual effects by using your creativity and imagination. Train yourself with our After Effects training Calgary

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* 10% reduction applies when paying for 4 sessions of 3 hours.
You can book private or group lessons on site or via Zoom.
Training can be given in English or French.
For on-site training, travel and/or parking fees may apply depending on your location.