Writing Life || Applying to Grad School (specifically for Creative Writing)

Writing Life || Applying to Grad School (specifically for Creative Writing)

Tips for applying to grad school, specifically for an MFA in creative writing! I’m super all over the place in this video, so please check out a more defined/focused version of this content here: http://www.jennstoreywrites.com/blog/applyingtogradschool

*Important to note: I understand and know how important money can be to a vast range of people and I am aware of the privileges I have in regard to being able to “be ok with going into debt.” If your experience is different than mine, I’d love to chat and brainstorm up ways to work around or with these challenges! Email, message, comment! This topic, in particular, is close to the work I do in my “day job” and relates to my views on accessibility of higher education. Though I am, in no way, a college or financial advisor, I am still invested in this topic.*

PW MA, MFA, and PhD Database:

File – Download As OR File – Print to use: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LiKD11GZC5LE7tBkzRtiDjadNoTf6L1QMHS7q7Vm-IE/edit?usp=sharing

The Grad Cafe – a great resource during the waiting period:





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