Courses for your employees on the Adobe CC suite online privately and live on Zoom or MS team today accredited training for the law of 1% Montreal

Computer Graphics Training

Training in private or corporate computer graphics

the graphics is a discipline which consists in creating, choosing and using graphic elements (drawings, typographical characters, photos, etc.) for communicate effectively a message. photoshop and Illustrator are two of the necessary software in graphic design. Training photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign that we offer will allow you to express your creative potential to the fullest! You will learn how to use the software photoshop and Illustrator by exploring different techniques to know how to communicate a message through images on a printed (printed graphics) or electronic (web graphics) medium. You will thus be able to design visual presentations of leaflets, magazines, posters and make photo retouching or Photo montage.About the web graphics, you will be able to create and imagine various projects such as websites, advertising banners, web interfaces, digital visual identities, etc. Let your inspiration flow! With photoshop and Illustrator you will be free to realize your ideas!The field of interactive media is booming! These are media with a larger interaction space that offers, among other things, access to tailor-made entertainment or information on demand. Precede the trend and/or follow the current by offering you a multimedia training which will eventually give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in spheres such as those of interactive video games, cellular communication, web casting and the fusion between internet and television.

Photo editing course with Adobe Photoshop CC Quebec City, Repentigny and Montreal
Adobe Photoshop: UI/UX Training

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD, you'll create effective mobile, tablet, and desktop website layouts for a wide variety of screen sizes. You will also learn all the specialized features in user interface (UI) design and UX (user experience) design.

Computer graphics design workshop for the web with Adobe Photoshop and wordpress personalized training in business Montreal
WordPress Workshops

Learn how to create, edit, manage and code custom WordPress websites and themes. WordPress is free and open-source, making it the most popular CMS for building websites and blogs of all types. You don't need any previous computer graphics experience!

Learn website creation and google referencing for web marketing in Gatineau and Ottawa
Google Web Designer Lessons

With this free and powerful Google Web Designer, you will master creating HTML 5 banners without any coding! This is the perfect tool for display marketers who want to improve display ads.

Courses in Ux and UI with Adobe XD in business and by video conference, live or face-to-face courses
Adobe XD: UI/UX Training

With Adobe XD, you will learn how to design prototypes for mobile and desktop but also the fundamentals and advanced features focused on UI/UX design. While mastering Adobe XD, you will also be able to test your creations while designing each experience.

Learn to do e-commerce online and with a private business teacher, corporate training
Shopify Boot Camps

Master Shopify and create the perfect e-commerce store. No need to know HTML or PHP! Learn everything from setting up, publishing and managing your first online store using Shopify to setting up your inventory, collecting payments, setting up shipping, adding sales channels, managing orders and promote your products

Adobe Dreamweaver CC corporate training and private website creation course Montreal and Sherbrook
Adobe Dreamweaver Masterclass

Learning Adobe Dreamweaver will enable you to create, manage, and deliver live websites and content created for mobile devices. Master the visual workflow that Dreamweaver offers for handling technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, and XML.

3D Sketchup training for architects and interior designers in companies throughout Quebec
Web Design Classes with Sketch

Learn how to design the user interface and user experience of digital products like websites and apps with Sketch, an app for MAC. Create web layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop. You will also be able to design on grid systems, like Bootstrap, which will make it easier to design responsive websites.

Course via Zoom of web marketing and graphic and banner design for social networks
Webflow Courses
Build and design an interactive and highly convertible website by mastering Webflow. With Webflow, you'll learn how to style your website using CSS and build effective e-commerce sites without using third-party apps.


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The Web Design and Web Development work areas work hand in hand. As web designers, you will understand coding better than graphic designers, and you will understand design better than programmers. And as a web developer, you will create beautiful code to develop awesome projects, websites or apps. Teamwork brings perfect results. So, to keep up to date, we recommend web designers who know the basics of coding language to get better cooperation with web developers!

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Our teachers physically come to your office, home or wherever you choose to take your lessons.
Each human is different, the duration of the courses depends on you, your project, your objective, your experience.
All courses are fully customized to apply to your current projects and meet your needs.
Companies wishing to update the skills of their employees and professionals wishing to improve their knowledge.
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