Adobe Premiere video editing coaching

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Adobe Premiere Video Editing Coaching


For the production of professional video clips, it is best to use renowned and very high quality software. The computer program Adobe Premiere video editing is undoubtedly among the most useful programs of the moment. In reality, this training will allow you to learn the basic knowledge of video editing for all areas that require it. Whether it is journalism, the webmaster, the video technician, this coaching will be of great help. The courses will be intended for anyone who is supposed to handle a file in video format. Whether you are in Montreal, Laval, or Longueuil, you can also take advantage of a seminar for professional development.


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Introduction to using Adobe Premiere Video Editing


  • General presentation of the software
  • Presentation on the features available Adobe Premiere video montage
  • Presentation of all the necessary equipment for video editing
  • Overview of the user interface and usage preferences
  • Discussions on workflows and analysis of different renders on images
  • Presentation of the latest generation cameras for very good captures


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  • Workshop on all modes of video acquisition and import from different sources.
  • Understand the purpose of all program tools
  • Know how to use all the Adobe tools present in the interface
  • How to use the video acquisition window?
  • How to import the rushes?
  • How to change the media display?
  • How to use the storyboard mode?
  • How to create folders?
  • How to practice logging?
  • Getting started withAdobe Premiere
  • Discovery of all audio and video formats
  • Notion of plan and connection
  • Know all encoding parameters

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  • Participants will not be limited to continuing education only. They will also benefit from on-site practice.
  • Realization sequence after sequence of a clip
  • Know how to use the editing window
  • Know how to manage the sound and the tool palette
  • Regulate audio and video file sources
  • Make the various settings
  • Know all types of audio and video tracks
  • How to title the videos?
  • Explore all video-related functions such as freeze frame
  • Regulate the speed of certain elements in the video
  • How to export the video and in what format?
  • Inserting a voice-over
  • Video broadcast

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  • For a training in a reinforced company, a professor or a teacher will take care of accompanying your employees or your communication department in order to easily understand all the techniques.


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Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec:    418 478-1647

Ottawa:    613 366-1743

Toronto:  416 907-8551

[email protected]