Vancouver Photoshop Training

Description of the photoshop course in Vancouver

photoshop is a software recognized by professionals and is used by the majority of creative agencies. photoshop is a retouching, drawing and computer-assisted processing software. It is mainly used for digital photos, but it is also used to create images. Our Photoshop Vancouver training is print- or multimedia-oriented.


- bring the student to understand and use the
graphic software Photoshop.-Bring the student to acquire a
effective work methodology with photoshop in order to achieve
quickly interfaces for the web or for photomontage.

Adobe Photoshop CC course content

-the logic of the layers.
The photoshop training Vancouver allows you to become familiar with the use of layers in photoshop.
-Create and manage original images such as, for example, logos and web interfaces.
-Understand the different image formats.
-Recover a photo.
-Carry out a Photo montage.
- Create special effects on your images and montages.
- In-depth exploitation of photoshop tools.
- Make selections: magic wand, lasso, clipping...
-Understand bitmap versus vector.
- Principles of compression and optimization for the web

Prerequisites for the Adobe Photoshop Kelowna course

Know how to use a computer or have taken the “Initiation to IT” training.

Pedagogical approach

the photoshop lesson is based on an approach
personalized that takes into account your achievements, your skills and
what you want to learn.

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