How to fix blurry images in photoshop for social media

Welcome back people! Is your profile pic artwork blurry when you upload it to social media? Maybe you have a cool banner design but when you upload it comes out something like this. I will show you how to fix blurry images in photoshop for social media in this easy to follow step by step tutorial. You will have perfect social media after watching this guide on how to fix blurry images in Photoshop for social media

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Social media dimensions

Skip to 1:58 for section 1 on setting up your Photoshop document

Skip to 3:20 for section 2 based on how it is important to check your work before exporting it to social media sites.

Skip to 4:20 to section 3 on how to export your work from Photoshop to social media sites

I am sure we all have had this issue at some point, you have a great cool looking profile pic or banner artwork, then you go to upload it to Facebook or Twitter and it seems as if you are looking at it after a few bottles of beer. I am going to show you exactly how to save your images and upload them to social media without them being blurry. If you take a look at my social media sites you will see none of my artwork is blurry on there.

▶ We will first look at setting up your documents, what dimensions to use as well as the document type.
▶ From there we will look at how the artwork should appear before you even upload it to social media.
▶ And finally how to save and export your artwork from Photoshop to social media sites.

This tutorial on how to save your images from Photoshop to social media sites is very easy to follow and I myself use these techniques for my own social media artwork designs. I also have design social media artwork for clients in my graphic design career so I do have quite a vast experience working with social media artwork, and how to save the images so they are not blurry.

If you still end up with a blurry looking image then please contact me in the comments section below. Like I said there are differing opinions on this subject and people will disagree with me, but this works for me and I use it all of the time. Check out my social media sites and see if my artwork is blurry or not.

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19 replies
  1. Matt Rock
    Matt Rock says:

    I’m struggling with vector style images (logo) for Instagram’s profile pic. Always comes out blurry. I’ve tried various sizes (1080×1080, 360×360, 152×152, etc) and resolutions. Instagram only allows JPG format. Any pointers?

  2. Riccardo Minervini
    Riccardo Minervini says:

    created a social media graphic in illustrator at 300dpi pasted on photoshop saved both png8 & png24, but not working image is blurry

  3. Made by Sallory
    Made by Sallory says:

    I think facebook compress the images no matter what the quality is or the dimensions, Do you know a proper size for facebook post images? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mariano Adrián
    Mariano Adrián says:

    I’ve been trying to upload a logo to my Instagram profile and no matter how I export the file it still looks with an ugly noise in the color, I think maybe it has to do with the green the logo is made of

  5. Hitlearl TV
    Hitlearl TV says:

    look at my banner its blurry right , but the background is ultra HD its 8k i dont know why its happening maybe because my pc is slow?

  6. savita martis
    savita martis says:

    After struggling for months and watching loads of youtube videos, this absolutely worked! Thanks ever so much. I created an image 800px 800px, 72dpi, RGB and exported it as PNG24, colour profile sRGB. There was no loss of quality what so ever. It looks like a high-resolution image.

  7. Derek Coles
    Derek Coles says:

    Sorry fella, but I tried everything you said and it still turned out blurry! Any chance of a tutorial on a twitter background image

  8. Joanna Tracey
    Joanna Tracey says:

    Hi Satori Graphics,

    I have the same issue when uploading logos or images which has been done in Photoshop. Unfortunately what ever you mention did not helped. 🙁

  9. Pamela Lopez
    Pamela Lopez says:

    I need help very badly on my Instagram account. It’s really blurry. I created a new file in RGB 72 dpi 110 x 110 as suggested in the new 2017 Instagram sizes. I saved my file as a JPEG (high quality) because apparently that’s the only way the image will work. I can’t even see PNG’s to upload to my profile, jpeg is it. So, I did all that and my image is so horrible.. I really need help. What did I do wrong? It’s so bad, I’m embarrased! Here is my profile:

  10. Andrea Foertsch
    Andrea Foertsch says:

    I’ve been trying to save out a few web banners (300×600, 300×250) that have vector logo, text and images. No matter how I save it out, my text and logo are blurry. I’ve started them in ai as well as tried psd, higher resolution, save to png, gif and png-24, etc. Nothing seems to work to keep the logo and text crisp. These are digital ads that are going on multiple channels – so the blurry is happening even before uploading to these channels. Any suggestions? Many Thanks!


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