A cartoon creating – After Effects, PhotoShop, and Duik rigging tutorial

A cartoon create rigging – After Effects, PhotoShop, and Duik tutorial

” Adobe After Effects has a great and free script which makes it very easy to animate the characters and create cartoons. The script DUIK and we will show you how you can do, is called, is a spectacular comic.

You will find the DUIK download link you can download the drawings for the tutorial (his name is Nairda), music for the free l’https://crearec.com/create-cartoon-animation


00:42, a figure (drawing)
04:08 Preparation (PhotoShop)
19:29 Tool-Puppet (After Effects)
23:46 Duik rig (Duik and After Effects)
29:45 Mario Refine Nice Tool (After Effects)
36:39 Animation (Duik and After Effects)
41:10 – (After Effects)
42:29 1 – The Bear (After Effects)
47:12 Charge For 2 Particles (After Effects)
50:55 Extra 3 – light and shadows (After Effects)


You can find more tutorials, of high quality and 4K stock VFX movies, free video and music films https://crearec.com

Unfortunately, the video is not to show that the background level was doubled, with 45:22. Sorry.

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  1. Jey Rhum
    Jey Rhum says:

    I really enjoy the song, cause of this fairy energy. It’s well merge with your creative style and the video itself.
    Really solid skills and original approach. Well done !

  2. Only Entertainment
    Only Entertainment says:

    is this safe duik.exe file ? my anti virus software is deleting automatic duik software is containg virus

  3. Shubhang Borkar
    Shubhang Borkar says:

    I don’t know how i reached to this video but now after watching this, I don’t regret it. It was awesome to watch. Subscribed 🙂

  4. Carl Perl
    Carl Perl says:

    ¡Hola! Saludos from Venezuela.
    You are A GENIUS. Your channel deserve millions of suscriber. I’m new subs.
    ¡Muchas, muchas gracias! Keeping up

  5. K180214M
    K180214M says:

    I love this tutorial! Would be amazing if there was a voice over. Please consider it, would love to follow this tutorial, but I kinda get lost! ^_^
    Oh yeah, subscribed by the way! 🙂

  6. Mark Sutherland
    Mark Sutherland says:

    Mind blown, you have amazing artistic skills and after effects skills. A list of the tracks you use for your videos would be awesome, thanks again for your awesome tutorials.

    ADYLARMY says:

    A very informative channel for someone in the subject.

    I without a doubt subscribe and put like. Author is the best.)))

  8. LoneAlphaWolf23
    LoneAlphaWolf23 says:

    coming from a person who loves making content like this myself, you sir are awesome. This was great to watch.

  9. Iven Production
    Iven Production says:

    Dude…. You made me to love making animation from this video, and my background is from audio stuff.. Thx a lot.


    Awesome tutorial…Last week I learned this for the first time in my life .this helped me out a lot with my puppet pin complications Thanks again

  11. Arif Kuyucu
    Arif Kuyucu says:

    This job is so hard it’s still not in my mind. It wants a lot of labor. I can not even concentrate while I’m watching. Patience is essential!


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