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Google SEO training in Lévis and Quebec City

Continuing education and professional development

The notion of SEO or even of Search Engine Optimization  is very important and must be grasped by many people, especially those active in the field of website or who have a website. In this technological century, the web has become the showcase of the world on which everyone wants to see their reflection. However, to be mirrored, your site must be perfectly optimized so that the search engine can index it. This will drive good traffic to your website. This training is then an excellent way to know the ins and outs of the adventure. SEO in order to allow your website to be among the first search results.

Introduction to SEO

  • Definition and history of SEO
  • The various research tools related to the SEO
  • The main search engine
  • The stakes and the importance of SEO
  • Explanation of the concepts indexing, positioning and results pages
  • Impact on SEO in your company

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  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis Workshop
  • Detailed explanation of the technique of brainstorming
  • How to monitor competing websites
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of keywords in the site
  • How to know exactly the recurrence of the searches carried out by the internet users
  • How to choose the appropriate keywords for your site
  • All about the market SEO
  • Understand the evolution of search engine and how to take advantage of it
  • Master the different interactions between the SEO and the other levers of

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  • Overview of the differences between SEO and the SEA
  • Understand all the indicators in a results page
  • Professional perfection on the robots and algorithms used by search engine
  • Understand the criteria attributed to a good positioning
  • Knowing how to choose among the different approaches SEO

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  • The optimizations techniques
  • Editorial optimization
  • Vertical optimizations
  • Private lessons on everything optimization
  • The optimizations of NetLinking
  • How a good link guarantees good optimization
  • Criteria SEO on internal or external links
  • Private lessons on the development of NetLink externally.

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  • Parameterization of indexing
  • Toolboxes for site
  • Business coaching to enable understanding of all these tools
  • Seminar or conference on SEO positive.



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