Training in website optimization (SEO)

Workshop in internet marketing website optimization (SEO)

Brief description Learn the concepts of basis of optimization and recognize and then implement the elements of website optimization. Goals Bring the student to understand the basics of website optimization, to be able to identify and recognize the elements allowing tooptimize a website, as well as to make corrections to it.

Website optimization course content

. Fundamentals of Website Optimization. Looks at the best practices . Choice of keywords. Importance and use of TITLE tag. Creation of appropriate URLs. Optimal use of meta tags. The ALT and TITLE attributes of links and images. The impact and importance of Google PageRank . General ergonomics of the website.

Learn Web Marketing in business SEO and SEM

Internal links. Outbound links. Using the NoFollow tag. Redirection implementation. The robots.txt file. Recognize the factors that can have negative impacts on website optimization. Installation and use of useful tools for website optimization. Tips and tricks for writing texts optimized for the web. Learn the criteria for determining the choice of themes to target. Learn to identify the different factors to establish the target market

1. Introduction to SEO and Web Marketing
A. Introduction to SEO and Web Marketing
b. Benefits of SEO and Web Marketing for Corporate Training
2. Understand search engines
A. How do search engines work
b. Keywords and phrases
vs. Optimization techniques on the page
3. Implement search engine strategies
A. Creation of content strategies
b. Build internal links
vs. Use search engine tools
4. Social Media Marketing Strategies
A. Development of social media campaigns
b. Measure campaigns with analytics
5. Analyze the return on investment of web marketing training
A. Identify the right metrics to measure ROI
b. Calculate a return on investment (ROI) on web marketing training c. Determine how to optimize ROI in future efforts

Features This private training in website optimization ( SEO ) really meets your specific needs and offers the possibility of deepening your knowledge of web marketing, in a way adapted to your project, at your own pace. You will also have basic knowledge for the training professional Facebook page. The course schedule is established according to your availability.

SEO courses and marketing web in Toronto
SEO courses and marketing web in Toronto