shadows across isis temple, grand canyon (desktop wallpaper)

shadows across isis temple, grand canyon (desktop wallpaper)
Isis Temple, visible from the South Rim Visitor Center, is one of the highest summits in the Grand Canyon. At roughly 7,000 feet, it’s been climbed very few times, lending it an air of mystery that has littered the internet with tales of Egyptian settlers, mummies and hidden tunnels inside the rock formation. Oh yeah, and secret codes and a hidden pyramid, all covered up by the Smithsonian no less.

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By undergroundbastard on 2011-01-09 16:17:15

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    undergroundbastard says:

    we sat on the south rim in 30º weather with whipping wind for just about two hours trying to capture it in ink and watercolor. pretty trippy to think that up top it was like the coldest days of winter here last week but at the bottom it’s closer to 90º – what a difference four thousand feet makes. *and* my gf had to crawl down the snowy, icy rim to get her watercolor back from when the wind snatched it off the rock – i aged a decade watching her scamper down – i’m grateful her spirit monkey was watching over her – and all that was before we saved an undercover african prince from freezing to death after the last tour bus left w/o him.


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