Corporate Toronto Workshop on Adobe CC and Microsoft Office 365 Courses.

Do you want to nourish your passion for interactive media or turn it into a career? We can help you meet your goals with our customized onsite training courses on interactive media in Toronto. We have a team of friendly, highly skilled, and dynamic teachers dedicated to your personal or profesionnal advancement. The course outline is tailored to your field of interest and the course rythm is defined by your learning pace and your availability. You have full control on your training! Contact our training advisors to discuss the perfect private coaching for you.

Toronto Adobe Classes for businesses

Your employees need to learn a software or improve their knowledge of some interactive media concepts? Our highly competent staff can come to your workplace in Toronto with equipment to provide a customized training necessary for the advancement in your professional activity. The course content is adapted to the students’ needs and the exercises are directly related to the work they have to perform. During the training, employees learn by applying the notions to their own projects. We offer an ongoing support, even when the training is completed. Contact our training advisors to discuss the perfect individual our group coaching for your employees.


Phtoshop Train ing for Toronto PrivateAdobe Photoshop Training Ontario

Photoshop Courses Toronto is well-known as the industry standard in the image edition field. With our Adobe Photoshop customized training, you will master its countless possibilities. A course on Photoshop is ideal for photographers, graphic and web designers Courses Calgary who want to maximize their productivity and increase their creative potential. But this course is for anyone desiring to learn this almost essential software or improve their current skills. Give form to your ideas with the help of our team and this powerful software. INFO


InDesign Course in TorontoAdobe InDesign Training Toronto

Adobe InDesign is a leader In the field of desktop publishing. This page layout software program is available in the different editions of the Adobe Creative Suite. With Adobe InDesign you can design static or interactive documents, create books with a table of contents and index, output documents in multiple formats, work with XML, generate interactive PDFs, etc. Our private coaching will help you master Adobe InDesign in order to realize your projects. INFO


Adobe Illustrator Training in TorontoToronto Adobe Illustrator Courses

Adobe Illustrator allows you to create sophisticated vector artwork for many types of media and projects. Used by design professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator Toronto Workshop provides precision and power with elaborate drawing tools, expressive natural brushes and a myriad of time-savers which will favor the expression of your ideas. The course on Illustrator is ideal for graphic designers, Web designers, illustrators and Flash animators, but beneficial for anyone who wish to learn this useful software. INFO


Flash Training in Toronto for businessesAdobe Animate CC Training Toronto

Adobe Animate CC Coaching Ontario is the most advanced authoring environment used to create animations that employ graphics, sound and interactive content. This workshop on Flash is useful for those who need to create animations, dynamic presentations, interactive Web elements, or animated diagrams. In accordance to your goals and initial knowledge, you will learn the fundamentals, the basic and intermediate concepts or the advanced or new features necessary to create and enhance your designs. Leverage your use of Flash with this hands-on instructor-led training class. INFO


Dreamweaver class in TorontoToronto Adobe Dreamweaver Corporate Courses

Adobe Dreamweaver is renowned as the industry standard in Web design and Web application development. This customized Dreamweaver training course is ideal for those who need to create HTML websites. Dreamweaver can benefit both the novices and the professionals. Graphic designers, Web content developers, communication specialists and executive assistants may, with this Dreamweaver course, increase their productivity and leverage their time. INFO


After Effect Course in TorontoAdobe After Effects Workshop in Toronto

Adobe After Effects is a software dedicated to image, sound and video edition. This is one of the last links of the chain in a film or animation. After Effects Coaching Ottawa incorporates the elements in the composition to animate them or to create special effects. We provide the training on the latest of Adobe After Effects CC Classes Ontario or previous version. With this hands-on training course we will help you learn motion graphics and video effects with the industry standard. Your skills will then match your inspiration. INFO


3D Studio Max Training in TorontoAutodesk 3ds Max Corporate Training Toronto

Autodesk 3ds Max Toronto (formerly 3D Studio Max) is a software designed to create 3D images. It is particularly used in the field of video games and movies. Thanks to a host of functions, users can create realistic animations, such as reactors which simulate gravity and wind, for example. With its wide range of tools, 3ds Max allows the users to easily create characters, animations, and high-quality videos in addition to amazing special effects which meet the industry standards and amaze the viewers. We can help you turn your creations into true masterpieces with our private lessons in 3D Studio Max and some practice. INFO


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