Search engin optimization for google and Bing

The basic concepts of optimization and the implementation of the elements that allow a website optimization.


This course enables students to understand the basics of website optimization,
identify and recognize the elements to optimize a website and take corrective measures.

Course content

  • Fundamentals of website optimization
  • Focus on best practices
  • Choice of keywords
  • Importance and utililsation of title tags
  • Establishment of adequate URL
  • Optimal use of meta tags
  • The alt and title attributes of links and images
  • The impact and importance of Google PageRank
  • General website ergonomy
  • Content
  • Internal links
  • Outgoing links
  • The NoFollow tag
  • Implementation of redirection
  • The robots.txt file
  • The factors that may have negative impacts on the optimization
  • Installation and use of tools to optimize web
  • Tips and tricks of copywriting web pages for optimization purposes
  • The criterias for determining the choice of themes to target
  • Learn to identify the different factors to determine the target market

Have a website or a website project, have computer skills and basic knowledge of internet.


This training on website optimization (SEO) effectively meet your specific needs and offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, relatively to your project, at your own pace. The schedule is adapted to your availability.


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