Doing business with LinkedIn courses

LinkedIn workshop for bussiness in canada, Toronto, Calgary

These days online business networks like LinkedIn (and also Xing, Ecademy and Facebook to name a few others) are everywhere.


Some of the topics of this LinkedIn workshop:

  • What can the added value of LinkedIn be for or within the organisation I work for?
  • What can I use online networks for anyway?
  • How can I use LinkedIn to reach my goals faster?
  • Which groups are the most interesting for me personally?
  • What does a good profile look like?
  • How to build a network on LinkedIn (fast)?
  • How do I write a good invitation to connect?
  • How do I react to invitations to connect?
  • How do I deal with LinkedIn and other websites without spending too much time?
  • What are the most common pitfalls and how can I avoid them?


Dominate your market by creating more vibrant, branded and interactive Company Pages and LinkedIn Personal Profiles. By the end of the day, you will be able to:

• Create effective Company Pages and Groups through Branding and Positioning training
• Use LinkedIn optimally for increased exposure, connections search and candidate discovery and engagement
• Stay clear of “fatal” mistakes on LinkedIn that inhibit functionality (and may result in extensive loss of functionality)
• Build your “list” – sharing your company with connections and clients
Attract clients and connections to your mailbox.
• Expand your network exponentially beyond your existing database
• Make informed choices: Prospecting employees, vendors, clients, partners, competition
• Manage Your LinkedIn Activity – and how to keep your time on LinkedIn directed, focused and strategic

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