Learn GA4 in a Corporate workshop in toronto

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google‘s popular web analytics platform. It is more suitable than the old version in a number of ways from a SEO point of view.

GA4 provides more comprehensive and accurate data collection than its predecessor. This allows marketers to gain a better understanding of their website visitors to inform strategic decisions around SEO and content optimization.

Google Analytics 4 enables marketers to gain insights into user behavior across any device, including mobile phones and tablets, which was not possible with the old version. This helps to understand how users interact with different types of content on various platforms and make adjustments accordingly to improve user experience and maximize organic traffic.

It allows marketers to track conversions more effectively. This makes it easier to identify areas where more targeted campaigns may be necessary in order to increase organic reach and drive greater return on investment.

Google Analytics 4 courses in Toronto offers greater visibility into user behavior across devices, more comprehensive data collection, and improved ability to track conversions which ultimately leads to better decisionmaking for SEO and Marketing strategies. Therefore, it is important that marketers adopt this new version as soon as possible for better web marketing.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4:

1. Overview of Google Analytics 4

2. Setting up a GA4 Property

3. Understanding the architecture of GA4

4. Exploring the differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics

5. Configuring data sharing settings in GA4

6. Examining how to use automated insights for better decision making

Measuring Performance with Google Analytics 4:

1. Creating custom dimensions, metrics and events

2. Unlocking deeper user insights with crossdevice tracking

3. Leveraging acquisition channels and campaigns in GA4

4. Utilizing Reports & Analysis dashboard to measure performance

5. Analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) using insights engine

6. Integrating thirdparty data sources into your reports

Optimizing Your Site with Google Analytics 4:

1. Setting up goal conversions in GA4

2. Performing A/B testing and experiments to improve user engagement

3. Detecting anomalies and trends in your website traffic

4. Developing custom dashboards for a better understanding of customer behavior

5. Implementing funnel analysis to identify drop off points in the customer journey

6. Generating actionable recommendations from optimization insights

Advanced Marketing Strategies with Google Analytics 4:

1. Utilizing advanced segmentation techniques to gain deeper customer insights

2. Adapting remarketing campaigns based on user behavior data

3. Integrating remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) into your marketing strategy

4. Using demographics, interests & locations for more targeted campaigns

5. Analyzing marketing ROI across all channels

6 .Integrating AIpowered predictive analytics into your marketing mix

Masterclass Google Analytics 4 Toronto:

1 .Creating custom reports within the reporting suite

2 .Using big data to uncover hidden opportunities in user data

3 .Running multichannel attribution models

4 .Using machine learning for more accurate predictions

5 .Implementing automation tools for efficient report generation

6 .Deploying dashboards across multiple devices

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