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Learn 3D Modeling with Blender workshop in Montreal and Toronto

BLENDER 3D ONLINE Courses in Toronto and Calgary

Becoming a Motion Designer can be expensive, especially if you plan to work in both 2D and 3D. Between the Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Maya, and every other 3D software, you could be spending thousands. What makes Blender ideal for anyone who is getting started is that 3D Blender classes Toronto is an open source 3D software that with recent updates it has showcased amazing industry-standard features and some unique tools.

Blender 3D trainings Calgary with JFL Media Training Toronto are completely customized to your goals, skills and projects so you can learn skills taught by professional Motion designers to create stunning 3D and 2D projects for cinematography, videogames and more industries. Don’t rush! We adapt to you on your way to become the best in the 3D, 2D and VR industry.

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Introductory BLENDER 3D Classes for Architect in Toronto and Calgary

Note: The course outline depicted above comprises knowledge/activites typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the student(s).

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• 3dsMax interface
• Navigation techniques and tools
• Using Viewports and view settings
• Cameras, Three button Mouse
• Manipulation of objects using Transform tools
• Primitives modelling
• Using Modifier stack
• Modifiers like Bend, twist, taper, Noise

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• Understanding texturing in 3dsMax
• Using Material Editor
• Shaders like Blinn, Phong and Anisoptropy
• Basic Lighting in 3dsMax
• Using Point lights, Direct lights and Spotlights
• Rendering using Scanline renderer
• Raytracing, Shadows and reflections

2D workshops for using Bleder 3D in Halifax, Surrey, Sidney and Saskatoon
Responive web design for front end developers in toronto, surrey, laval, ottawa

• Understanding proper modelling methods
• Using Vertices, Faces and Edges
• Adding edge loops.
• Creating realistic solid models

Responsive web design for web developers in saskatoon, niagara falls, halifax, ottawa and montreal

· Using Compound Objects
· Boolean and Scatter
· Creating a 3D Model using image planes.
· Practical session on creating the Model

Blender 3D trainings for Motion designers interested in 3D and 3D in Quebec, Ottawa, Richmond, Victoria and Regina

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3D Modelling Workshop in Toronto and Montreal for professional with Blender 3D

Learn how to create 3D models and assets for architecture workshop using Blender, If you are a beginner, we will start super simple so you’ll be ok with little or no experience. Our teachers design this course as project-based, so you will be applying your new skills immediately to real 3D models you are working on. 

If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll teach you all the modelling fundamentals you’ll need. If you’re an artist, we’ll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you’re a coder, we’ll teach you modelling and design principles.

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3D Rendering and Modeling Courses with Blender in Montreal and Toronto

This course will guide you through the Blender interface to start building objects and ultimately to make a small dice scene. You will get famliar with the workflow and Blender features. Then, we will dive into the node editor, where we will mix textures and apply the material on a ruin and build your first 3D environment scene. From there, we will make use of the workbench for modeling, Eevee for the texture work and Cycles to render the scenes to get the max out of it. And last but not least, we will focus on creating nature assets so we can merge everything together to make a wonderful 3D environmental scene. 

For this course we recomment taking a minimum of 3 sessions of 6 hours so you can effectively master the features requested. This course is optimal for users that are using Blender 3D for the first time and have a tight schedule.

Photorealistic rendering classes with Blender 3D in Toronto and Courses in Montreal

This course is perfect for anyone that wants to learn the quickest way to make high-end images that sell, win awards and get published. These are the exact steps I use when working with world-famous brands.

Whether you’re an Interior Designer, Architect, 3D Generalist, 3D Visualisation Artist, 3D Artist, 3Ds Max User or just want to be able to make world-class 3D renders – this course will help you make better 3D images.

By the end of this course, you will create  beautiful 3D renders that will improve your confidence, clients and pricing.

Other courses available are: 3D Studio Max, which caters to architectural designers and game asset artists the most; Blender, which has its own game engine, making it easy to learn about core concepts for creating video games; Unreal Engine, the industry-leading 3D game design software that the professionals use to create blockbuster video games like Borderlands, Gears of War, BioShock, Mass Effect, and hundreds more; V-Ray, the most commonly 3D software used for rendering product projects in the industry; Autodesk Revit, an invaluable tool to building professionals, because it allows users to monitor construction projects and make changes as needed; SketchUp, a world changing software that bypasses the biggest issue most people have: The ability to take something that’s 3D and represent it in 2D.

Blender 3D courses for Motion Designers and creating VR projects in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary
Motion Design 3D Courses in Toronto and Montreal with Blender 3D

Even if Blender 3D courses Toronto and Calgary is not be your primary 3D program, it’s worth including in your toolset. Blender has a little bit of everything. It has 2D animation, excellent rigging, good UV tools, amazing sculpting tools, video editing, VFX compositing, tracking, and more. And being open source, it has no barrier of entry for upcoming artists looking to learn and get started in the industry.

If you’re interested on other 3D Program Courses Calgary and Montreal, you can choose to learn how to use Revit, 3D Studio Max, Unreal Engine 5 courses, Archivz, Cinema 4D, SketchUp or V-Ray.


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