Our social media training tailored to your business environment aimed at managers, webmasters, marketers. Our social marketing workshop also responds to SMEs and self-employed.

The workshops in Toronto cover over social media on Facebook, how to create Facebook pages and how to manage a Linkedin page. Our coaches will teach you social media to create a blog, a presence on social media effectively and profitably.

Contents of the social media training Toronto:

  • Definition of different types of contributors on social media;
  • Definition of the different types of social networks, publishing, sharing, dissemination, networking events and more you will learn in this social web marketing courses;
  • Define the objectives of your presence on social media;
  • Explore the tactics and tools to optimize your social presence;
  • The role of social media in business;
  • Define Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter;
  • The social shopping;
  • Charters of use;
  • How to create a blog;
  • The functionality of Slideshare for BTB (paid and free);
  • Create a YouTube channel;
  • Use Twitter for the enterprise;
  • Recruit Facebook fans;
  • Set a Facebook animation plan;
  • How to create a Facebook page for the enterprise;
  • Create a Facebook page with an editorial line;
  • Recruiting through social networks;
  • Mapping a web community;
  • Establish an influential management;
  • All about Linkedin;
  • Co-creation and social media;
  • Practical Workshops: Creating Facebook page courses, Twitter, Linkedin marketing coaching toronto etc .
  • Any other topic related to social media that you think is significant

We offer a Social Medias training workshop in Toronto to help you integrate social media into your communications strategy. After an overview of the social Web in corporate environment, you will discover different social web marketing training tactics that can be applied to your communication strategy.