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Have you ever wanted to create interactive web sites and mobile content for video games and ads using Adobe Animate’s animation tools? Or maybe build games, design start screens, and integrate audio to your animations? Besides all of this, you will also learn how to share your animations in different platforms, but also as augmented reality experiences. 

Adobe Animate trainings with JFL Media Training are completely customized to your goals, skills and projects so you can learn skills taught by professional Animators and Web Designers to become a professional at your own pace. No need to rush! We adapt to you on your way to desing the best websites.


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Available during business hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Montreal Timezone


Note: The course outline depicted above comprises knowledge/activites typically covered in a class at this introductory skill level. The teacher may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs and skills of the student(s).

For more information, please contact our staff via email at [email protected]
or by phone at 1-866-259-5647

Adobe Animate Workshops for Corporate Offices and Frellance Web Designers in Niagara Falls, Gatineau, Vancouver, Montreal and Laval

Workspace & Workflow Essentials

• The Tools panel
• Grids, guides and rulers
• Typekit Web fonts
• Timelines and Timeline layers
• Setting and setting Preferences
• Using panels
• Moving and copying
• Find and replace
• Undo, redo and History

Adobe Animate Live Online Workshops via Zoom in London, Vaughan, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver

Symbols, Libraries & Color

• Graphic symbols
• Button symbols
• Movie clip symbols
• Creating and converting
• Duplicating and swapping
• Overlapping shapes
• Transforming and combining
• Adding color
• Strokes, fills and gradients
• Lines and shapes
• Arranging objects
• Editing symbols
• Editing instances
• Working with libraries
• Sharing library assets
• Vector and bitmap graphics
• Paths, direction lines and points
• Merge Drawing mode
• Object Drawing mode
• Primitive objects

Courses to Learn How to Animate elements for Websites with Adobe Animate in Regina, Victoria, Guelph. Winnipeg and Montreal

Animation Basics

• Motion tweens
• Classic tweens
• Inverse Kinematics
• Shape tweens
• Frame-by-frame animation
• Frame rates

Adobe Animate Online Course for Animators and Web Designers in Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, Ottawa and Halifax

Interactivity Basics

· About Code Snippets
· Adding a code snippet to an object
· Adding a code snippet to a frame
· Adding new snippets
· Button symbols
· Movie clip buttons
· AS button components

Enroll now to learn how to animate elements for mobile apps and video games with Adobe Animate in Windsor, Burnaby, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax

How to Export & Publish

• Export vs. Publish
• Exporting SWFs
• Export file formats
• Update for Dreamweaver
• Publishing AS3 documents
• Using publish profiles
• Publish settings
• Publish Preview


  • What's the price?

    You pay as you go, We bill you for every 3 hours session. No strings attached.

  • When can I take my Adobe Animate courses?

    We adapt to your schedule, you choose the day and time for your course(s).

  • Where will I take my courses?

    Our teachers provide their live trainings through online zoom classrooms or they can go physically to your office, home or wherever you choose to take your course(s).

  • What's the duration of the course?

    Every human is different, the length of the courses depend on you, your project, your goal, your experience.

  • What's the course outline?

    All courses are completely customized to be applied to your current project(s) and fulfill your needs.

  • Do I need experience to take any of these Adobe Animate courses?

    ABSOLUTELY NO! Every course is customized according to your needs and abilities. 

  • Are you hiring teachers at JFL Media Training?

    We are always looking for professionals interested on sharing their expertise with our clients. Please send your CV and/or Portfolio to [email protected]

Adobe Animate live online and onsite classes for Corporate businesses and Small businesses in Markham, Surrey, Laval, Montreal and Vancouver

For more tailored Adobe Lightroom courses, get in touch with us at +1 866-259-5647

Advanced Adobe Animate training

This Advanced Adobe Animate training is for those who want to upgrade their Animate skills. We will cover advanced design methods including movie clip-based architecture, library sharing, tips, tricks and optimization techniques and more. We will also focus on making interactive content more sophisticated and dynamic while learning th e basics of scripting and HTML5 animation.

If you already know the basics of Adobe Animate or have previous experience with Flash, then you better enroll now to take your expertise into a more professional set.

Adobe Animate workshops for web designers in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Surrey and Laval

Adobe Animate ExpresS

Our Express course will teach how to master the basics of Adobe Animate. You’ll learn how to get creative with the drawing tools and bring graphics to life through motion and shape while incorporating images, video and audio to create total interactive experiences. You will also learn to optimize and publish your content for delivery online on websites, games and apps.

This Adobe Animate express training is mostly for users who have no formal training with Animate or is their first time trying it, it is also ideal for digital and traditional designers that want to start trying Interactive media.

Professional Adobe acrobat Workshop

This Adobe Animate Workshop is for Animators and Web Designers that have a high set of skills when it comes to Adobe Animate. Our teachers will focus on teaching you the in’s and out’s on HTML5 and ActionScript 3.0, which allows you to develop complex Animate applications quickly and efficiently.

Improve your workflow, have limitless creative potential and create stunning interactive designs with the enhanced professional tools that Adobe Animate has to offer. We will adpt this material to your current project so we can tackle it together while you upgrade your knowledge on Animate!


Other courses available are: Adobe Photoshop, where you will go from learning the basics to mastering every single tool in order to create amazing functional webs ites; Adobe XD, aimed to produce practical and effective User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs, mockups and more while maximizing your workflow; Deamweaver, focused on creating responsive websites for desktop, mobile and tablet with the use of HTML & CSS; Responsive Web Design, where you will learn the entire process of building and launching a website that will be available for different devices.; and WordPress, where we will teach you how to create stunning websites, blogs and online shops for yourself or clients.

Onsite Training on Adobe Animate for Web Designers in Saskatoon, Richmond, Barrie, Calgary and Toronto

WE OFFER DIVERSE ADOBE Animate COURSES for everyone! Students, beginners, intermidiate and professional animators and designers

By learning the essentials of Adobe Animate, no matter what kind of interactive or animated media you are creating, we are sure that our expert teachers will take your expertise into a whole new level.

The Web Design and UX/UI trainings that JFL Media Training offers, are customized to what you need guaranteed to increase your skills and help you fast-track your goals.

If you’re interested on other courses, you can try our: Adobe Photoshop Workshop, Adobe XD Bootcamp, Deamweaver Training, Responsive Web Design Courses and WordPress Classes.


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