Dreamweaver Course The name of this software is Adobe Dreamweaver and its usefulness has repeatedly proven. This jewel of the suite of logistics Adobe offers nice features. Indeed, it intervene more in the creation of Internet sites. It offers support to facilitate content management in the design of a website. This training will help you learn how it works, but also to understand the different modes implemented by Dreamweaver. For professionals and other webmasters, accelerated courses would seize much use of this software.


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  • Présentation

    • Layout with Dreamweaver
    • Special workshop on all the elements to layout
    • Know all the styles of the papers
    • What style used to what page?
    • How to manage the text?
    • How to use the images?
    • Managing tables
    • Coaching on the integration of the elements in the internet.
    • How have the help of division?
    • How to manage and create templates?
    • Notions of editable regions
    • How to use the copies of the models?
  • Links

    • Continuing education on hyperlinks
    • Uses hyperlinks
    • What is the target property to hyperlinks ?
    • How to use reactivated images?
    • Notions of named anchors
    • compatibility
    • Professional development on compatibility between documents HTML
    • BasicsStructure and use of documents in DHTML
  • Advanced Features

    • Mixing animations
    • How to place pictures and videos?
    • Insert buttons, text and other animations
    • Notions of slaps and slaps usage
    • Dynamism of Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Accompaniment by a teacher for creating forms
    • The various behaviors and interactive tools
    • How to open URLs ?
    • How to incorporate JavaScript elements
    • How to publish websites with Adobe Dreamweaver ?
    • How to fix links?
    • How combine FTP and Adobe Dreamweaver program?
    • How to create dynamic pages?
    • The language and the different selectors.
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    For the cities of Montreal , Laval and Longueuil, a corporate training and even a seminar for the capacity building of teachers,even more professional use Adobe Dreamweaver will be implemented . Therefore, when your employees will know all the use of this program to increase their productivity.


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