Web Positioning Training

Know and learn to identify the important elements of a good SEO website. Learn how to use tools to measure and evaluate the state of your referencing, and implement a SEO strategy adapted to the situation.


Enabling students to understand the basics of SEO, to assess the current state of SEO and implement a strategy to improve the web positioning.


  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Installation and use of tools
  • The criterias to choose the themes to target
  • The different factors to determine the target market
  • The various factors influencing on SEO
  • Evaluation of the current state of SEO
  • Analysis of competition
  • Tips and tricks for choosing keywords
  • Tips and tricks to increase the number of links on the site
  • Other items to consider to increase the number of quality links
  • Tracking and adjusting the web positioning


Teaching Approach

The course on web positioning is based on a personalized approach that takes into consideration your skills, your skills, your project and what you want to learn.


This private training on SEO truly responds to your specific needs and the opportunity to deepen your project at your own pace. The schedule is adapted to your availability.


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