How to Create Consistent Content

How to Create Consistent Content

How to Create Consistent Content // With a million and one things to manage in your business, how are you supposed to stay consistent on social media?! So today on #TheSunnyShow I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for staying relevant and engaged with your community!

Megan Minns training on How to Create a Content Calendar Using Asana:

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My tutorial on How to Create Your Own Content Calendar:

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50 replies
  1. Javier Mercedes
    Javier Mercedes says:

    Shot out to whoever put the ding sound effect in at 6:55 – I have to utilize sfx for about 90% of my day job and everyone always uses the first ding sfx that pops up on youtube. But this "ding" sound effect I have never heard before and I USE A LOT OF THE DING sound effect. mucho props.

  2. David McKnight
    David McKnight says:

    "Thanks Mate for your content tutorial, I find content writing really difficult. I’ll definitely put this to practice, but I’m using a professional content writer for my website now. Found her in one of those freelancing site, she’s been amazing for me. is her service page, you can check her out."

  3. Liz Calhoun - POSE BY LCG Photography and Video
    Liz Calhoun - POSE BY LCG Photography and Video says:

    Great video. I’m currently in record mode…trying to record consistent content. Its a daily effort, and a good Sunny video keeps my momentum going.

  4. Black Empress
    Black Empress says:

    Sunny thank you so much for all your helpful videos. You’ve inspire me to be consistent and to grow my youtube channel.

  5. Apple Crider - Financial Literacy For Students
    Apple Crider - Financial Literacy For Students says:

    Any small channels wanna shout out each other?
    -Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
    Subscriber Goal 86/100

  6. Danielle Bulanadi
    Danielle Bulanadi says:

    Quick question on thumbnails: would it be a problem if i have had a photoshoot before and use those photos in my videos? And in the actual video i’ll wear different makeup/clothing etc? Would it make me less credible? Thank you so much! 🌸

  7. Darin Nakakihara
    Darin Nakakihara says:

    Why has it taken me so long to find your channel? I was starting to drift and you totally helped me get back on track. Thank you!

  8. QueenGoldieTheGreat
    QueenGoldieTheGreat says:

    I loooove your channel out of all of the millions of videos that I have watched on youtube this is by far the most informative no b.s channel ive seen thank you you have helped so much

  9. Betzy Young
    Betzy Young says:

    I finally found a video that has answered some of my questions for my start up business. Thank you so much for being so informative 🙂 I do have another question that I have yet been able to find a good answer for. What would be the best or at least close to the best camera for pictures and videos to use for my content? I have bought an iPhone 7 plus to use in the mean time, but I am not sure what people use to edit their videos or where do they have the camera held when videoing using an iPhone. Can you help me with these questions. Thank you in advance for your help and info.

  10. Lazy Lima DIY
    Lazy Lima DIY says:

    As always, great advice! Right now I’m struggling with getting content out on a regular basis with a full time job and a long commute. I need more tips! 😊

  11. Byrnes Consulting
    Byrnes Consulting says:

    This video is great. Just subscribed. Thank you Sunny!

    Question, how do you create a link to "tweet this video" that allows for your Twitter handel and hastag to show?

  12. Dark &lovely
    Dark &lovely says:

    So I definitely need to work on creating consistent content. I’ve done educational and inspirational but I need to work on using content from my community

  13. Pure Royalty Life Coaching- Dr. B.
    Pure Royalty Life Coaching- Dr. B. says:

    Hey Sunny thanks so much for the share- the content calendar. I am guilty of creating content on the fly which makes it difficult for creating playlist. Thx "Boss"

  14. Na'ima B. Robert
    Na'ima B. Robert says:

    Sunny, this was great, thank you! Is there a reason you don’t use Hootsuite to schedule all your social media posts?

  15. Life Like Zoe
    Life Like Zoe says:

    I keep a planner to schedule my content and a notebook to write down video ideas/scripts/etc. with me everywhere I go.

  16. Shiloh from Alaska
    Shiloh from Alaska says:

    When you curate content what is the rules on using other people’s work is it just to make sure that you credit back to people or will you get in trouble for it? I would love to curate the content I find but I am worried about using others information

  17. Angel Mercer
    Angel Mercer says:

    Hi Sunny! I don’t see the bulk scheduling information in you comment section for hootsuite. Is there a way you can bulk schedule in hootsuite besides one by one?

  18. Just b Active
    Just b Active says:

    Sunny, We are just getting our Youtube going and plan on looking to you for our Guru. Love that Megan Minns credits you too. Let the journey begin!


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