College Week in my Life: scheduling classes, exams, study abroad

College Week in my Life: scheduling classes, exams, study abroad

Hey! It’s been a minute!

How many of you watched the entire thing?! If you did…wow ily! Sorry I have been MIA, junior year is crazy


⇨ Chill: Joakim Karud
⇨ Phone Down:

How old are you?
What college do you go to?
⇨Temple University
What camera do you use?
⇨Canon g7x mark ii or Sony a6300
What editing software do you use?
⇨Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro x

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  1. J Martinez
    J Martinez says:

    just got back from study abroad a few days ago youre gonna have so much fun!! and i cant wait to be back at temple in the fall your vlogs always make me miss philly

  2. Katy Lopez
    Katy Lopez says:

    I love Vampire Diaries if you like that then you’ll like The Originals(a spin-off of vampire diaries)
    But watch the vampire diaries first then the originals.

  3. abookishwitch
    abookishwitch says:

    I just finished watching the entire video and I just wanted to say that I’m so excited for you to study abroad!! I studied abroad in London with Temple last summer and it was the best experience of my entire life!! Can’t wait to see if you vlog while there, you’re gonna love it!!

  4. abookishwitch
    abookishwitch says:

    There’s a great salon in northeast philly called Red Sage! If you take the rain from the Temple station to the torresdale station, the salon is literally right across the street from the train! Everybody there is so nice and they do an amazing job!

  5. Xtina Nguyen
    Xtina Nguyen says:

    Taylor!! You should show us how you get ready in the morning, like a grwm with your makeup routine and stuff

  6. Kiara Madisen
    Kiara Madisen says:

    Loved seeing what college life is life at other schools!! Your vlogs are awesome and I’m so jealous of your trip to Italy!! You’re going to have a blast 🙂

  7. Autumn Minnich
    Autumn Minnich says:

    My roommate just got her hair done at The Beehive in Philly! I’ll have to ask her what one it was specifically and then text it to you!

  8. Lauren Wojnicki
    Lauren Wojnicki says:

    I have a quick question. For freshmen living in dorms what are the rules about people who arent in college yet that want to visit inside the dorm? Is that allowed or

  9. Sandy Le
    Sandy Le says:

    Hi EVERYONE and Taylor, I really need some advice! I am almost done with my freshmen year of college. I took a quick jump into a random university close to my home and hated it so I transferred to a community college second semester, which I will stay until my junior year comes around. I am going to tour temple this summer and Drexel and other schools, do you think it will be tough to transfer in the middle of four years? Will it be tough to make friends?? Please give me some guidance 🙂 I hope I will enjoy visiting Temple! Thankssss!


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