Today, turning on a green screen is essential for those who want to dabble to special effects. The chroma keying, also called shooting on green or blue background has now been largely democratized, even for amateurs’ miniproductions. Nowadays any teen can now try to shoot on green screen because it does not require any special training.

Green background or blue background?

For a successful shooting, most of the users often question about the kind of background to use. First, why those two colors? In video editing, the three primary colors are green, blue and red. All other colors are created from them. Red is definitively excluded, as this is a bad idea for the final rendering. Green is a very interesting color because most of the video sensors are very sensitive to this color. Indeed, green is the brightest one among the 3 primary colors and video editing courses attach importance to it. Note that blue is mainly used for cameras using film.

What green background do I use?

In Quebec and Montreal training schools, different existing green variants are taught. Indeed, many amateur film editors use the wrong variant to green hoping to clean up their mistakes after shooting. So you will need the greenest green possible, in other words, the perfect green. Combined with a very good lighting, you will easily get the expected outcome. The lighting part of the job is extremely important, as this will save a lot of time in post-production.

What kind of camera do I use?

If you want to go further than a small homemade production, it is necessary to perform a clean and neat work. However, you will need a quality video camera and forget immediately the HDV cameras! The Canon 5D Mark II cameras offer pretty visuals. This type of camera does not compress the image or very little and which samples the chrominance the same way as the luminance. The human eye is more sensitive to the luminescence than to the chrominance.

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