9 year old Pittsburgh boy attends college to be astrophysicist

9 year old Pittsburgh boy attends college to be astrophysicist

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — According to the father of a nine-year-old Pittsburgh boy, Will Maillis was speaking in sentences at seven-months old.

So, it’s no surprise that, at nine-years-old, little Will is in college.

Will’s father, Peter Maillis, a Greek Orthodox priest, says his son was also good with numbers, adding at a year-and a-half, multiplying at two. By five, he was counting in Chinese.

“He finally gets to a hundred,” says his father, “and I said, ‘OK, what else did you learn?’ He said, I learned the alphabet, and he rattled off the alphabet.”

“Technically there’s no Chinese alphabet,” Will responds. “There’s a symbol for every word.”

Will graduated from Penn Trafford High this year, and is taking a full schedule at community college. He says he usually sits at the front of the class.

“So out of sight, out of mind,” he explained.

He’s had A’s in his courses and has been accepted to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for next September.

Will plans to be an astrophysicist.

“It’s statistically impossible for there to be no life on any other planet in the universe,” the nine-year-old said confidently.

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  1. Paul Nobody
    Paul Nobody says:

    For William…, Unfortunately, statistics are not a precursor to anything but a guess! So is Earth the only planet with life in the universe? There is no tech (deemed imposable) or any other way any human could make it past our galaxy. Right? And we all know theres not going to be any babies born in space to raise and take over generation after generation just to get out of our galaxy. Right? So why waste time? Also Will made a related comment that implies statistics somehow proves existence or truth. NOT! Why even make such an assertion. Why even concern yourself with such a futile pursuits when Jehovah’s (Ps. 83:18) day proves to be upon upon us (2 Tim 3). The task that Will is perusing is totally self serving at best. You want to help people Will then promote Jehovah’s Kingdom as the ONLY SALVATION FOR MAN (not science) as Jesus did for "a witness" to this fact. Man can not and will never be able to rule himself or "know good and bad" like God (the original/first lie told by Satan). Will, if you think your going to prove God exists with physics, to people like those who killed Jesus when he (and a few apostles) already proved it through God’s active force, resurrecting the dead in their face you are fooling yourself! Or can laws of physics or men help mankind gain everlasting life on a paradise Earth (God’s original and unchanged purpose for us all) ruled by Jehovah’s Kingdom with NOW RESIDING APPOINTED KING IN THE HEAVENS (beyond space and time and "not of this world") Jesus Christ? NO!


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