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Design is a discipline that involves creating, choosing and using graphics (drawings, typography, photos, etc.) to effectively communicate a message. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are the main design softwares used in this field. The Photoshop coursesIllustrator workshop, and InDesign classes that we offer will allow you to express your creative potential to its fullest!

You will learn to use PhotoshopInDesign, and Illustrator to explore different techniques to communicate a message through images on a printed document (desktop publishing) or online (web design). The Acrobat course allows the editing and sharing of PDF documents, which is useful in that matter.

Adobe photoshop courses Vancouver

With Adobe Photoshop courses, you’ll be able to create and imagine various projects like websites, banner ads, web interfaces, digital visual identities with our specialized courses design around your projects and skills.

Adobe Lightroom Workshops for Photographers online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

You are a photographer looking to edit your photos, to do color correction and contrast we can help you with our private coaching sessions of Adobe Lighroom. We specialized in corporate adobe courses but we also help hundreds of professional photographers to learn how to enhance their pictures with our Adobe Lightroom courses,.

Adobe Bridge Courses for Photographers online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

You can process a large number of images and quickly find specific files by indexing them by keyword and metadata. Adobe Bridge Courses will teach you how to correct digital negatives with Camera Raw and convert them to standard file formats. Take advantage of our private Adobe Bridge workshop and learn the many features of this little known but extremely powerful Adobe Bridge.

Adobe Illustrator Courses for Graphic Design online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

The perfect Adobe Illustrator workshop done at your office for your team. Our Adobe courses are designed to help you achieve your goal and project using Adobe Illustrator outstanding design techniques with your personal Adobe Teacher.

Adobe Creative Cloud Trainings for Creatives and Designers online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

Unleash the power of Adobe Creative Cloud so you can make any creative project, download Adobe Typekit fonts or high-quality files without copyright and more. with our Corporate Creative Cloud Bootcamp you will understand all the potential of using the platform and performing tasks in the cloud.

Adobe InDesign Classes for Designers and Magazines online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

With this amazing Adobe InDesign courses, you can design the visual presentation for leaflets, magazines, posters and make photo touch-ups or photomontages. Learn the Graphics design knowledge you need to accomplish any kind of project at your works. Learn with a certified Indesign teachers.

Acrobat Pro Courses online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec

Learn how to create outstanding PDF files and interactive media files using Adobe Acrobat DC. With our Adobe Acrobat DC specialist you will learn everything you need to create dynamics forms, rich PDF files using the latest technologies. This Onsite Adobe Acrobat DC couses is designed for your team by our certified teacher.

Adobe InCopy Workshops for Writers and Designers online and onsite courses canada montreal toronto quebec
Adobe InCopy Lessons Vancouver

This training looks at InCopy from two main points of view: the editor and the graphic designer. So you can quickly familiarize yourself with the principle of InCopy. InCopy is a professional writing and editing application. InCopy and InDesign form an interplay that ensures an efficient workflow between editor and graphic designer.

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The field of interactive media is a booming business! The digital media has a larger range of interaction that provides, among other things, access to entertainment or customized information on demand.

Precede the trend and/or follow the current, with a multimedia training that will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in areas such as interactive video games, mobile communication, and web casting, the merging of Internet and television.

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"JFL was fantastic to deal with. My trainer, Sanaa was professional and efficient and paced the training according to my needs. By the end of the training I had a solid grasp on the material and was comfortable using the application independently. I will definitely be using JFL's services for any future application training. Thank you, Sanaa!"
Helen McDonald
April 10th, 2018
"Really very satisfied with my 4 Photoshop training sessions with JFL Media. We are dealing with professionals and the whole process is well done and the technology very easy. The trainer is very competent, she is solid and can teach on a wide range of subjects and software. I recommend them without hesitation."
Chantal Ayotte
February 11th, 2020
"Excellent training center with a unique concept and flexibility in training schedules"
January 14th, 2020
"ourse did a great job focusing on the basics of all areas, and also highlighting important terms that would definitely help me in my day to day task using Indesign. I felt it gave me a great foundation to the knowledge and definitely helped as a great starting point. Instructors has knowledge of what he was doing. Very accommodating, patient, answers all my questions with live examples. Highly recommended!!"
Gagandeep kaur
November 29th, 2019