Corporate Courses Adobe Photoshop in Ottawa Photoshop class for Businesses

We are surrounded by images everyday, and most of them are created or enhanced by Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop CC in Ottawa is the de facto standard digital imaging software, used for photo and image manipulation. The private Photoshop training Ottawa we offer is a sure way to increase your creative potential and lead your career or your passion to a higher level.

Objective of the Adobe photoshop Workshop in Ottawa

This Photoshop course enables the student to understand and use this graphics and image editing program to easily create extraordinary pictures. The student will develop a practical knowledge of Photoshop in order to create images intended for the web, printed documents or other media.


This private course allows the student to become acquainted with the use of the main tools and functions of Photoshop.

  • Master layer functions
  • Effectively use the Photoshop tools
  • Explore the different image formats
  • Understand bitmap and vector
  • Create and manage original images such as logos and web interfaces.
  • Use color
  • Retrieve a photo
  • Create a photomontage
  • Create special effects on your images and montages
  • Make selections: magic wand, lasso, clipping, etc.
  • Learn the principles of compression and optimization for the web