Yu-Gi-Oh! Field Centers at the Philadelphia Regional!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Field Centers at the Philadelphia Regional!

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35 replies
  1. Marty Ruiz
    Marty Ruiz says:

    I lost 0-3 at locals yesterday and was pretty bummed since I’ve been trying to play an updated deck and I ended up losing to ABCs because I didn’t really know what Union hangar did. Now I definitely know to out that 🙂

  2. Beep Bop
    Beep Bop says:

    For the abc match up, biggest thing is to prevent union hangar, usually if they can’t get that advantage, they can’t do a ton

  3. Cory N
    Cory N says:

    Your VLogs are always top notch. I really enjoy the way you put them together.

    A HIV awareness commercial came up during this. Haha hell yeah. Get checked for #8

  4. Cherry Inmato
    Cherry Inmato says:

    This made me realize its not about the prize or even playing ygo, its just an excuse to travel and have great time with your friends

  5. LifeLostInRewindGaming
    LifeLostInRewindGaming says:

    Damn, wish I found this channel BEFORE the regional. I would have given you a deck profile of my trickstar deck 😛 This was a great regional. I flew all the way from my home state to enter it and it was a stacked regional of 633 players. I managed to snag my invite here, too which made the flight and travel even more worth it!

    Subbing because I enjoyed this vlog and hope to see more!

  6. Joshua Sahm
    Joshua Sahm says:

    Hey man, no problem on the ogres. I’m sorry I had to leave early! Keep up being a cool dude in the community and I’ll see you at nats. Send me a list of cards you need to borrow, I won’t leave early this time (;

  7. md kle
    md kle says:

    Hey man, don’t know if you remember me, but i sat next to you round one and asked you to sign my secret ABC’s after your match. Anyway, was great meeting you and watching you duel, hope your channel takes off!


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