Using Google Poly to create 3D graphics for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive | Matteus Beus

Using Google Poly to create 3D graphics for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive | Matteus Beus

Recently Dave Voyles drew to my attention Google’s new Poly website which offers free low-poly models. I figured these models could potentially be used in Sega Megadrive/Genesis games development in a similar fashion to Vectorman / Toy Story. This video documents my first attempt at converting a simple polygon model of a fox to a 16 colour tile based animation.

Worth noting this is my first attempt at a proper YouTube video in about 10 years!


The Fox model used in this video was create by “Poly by Google” and is being used under Public / Remixable (CC-BY)

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Dave is one of Microsoft’s Tech Evangelists and regularly tweets about new gaming and web technologies, along with retro gaming bits! Follow him here:

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  1. Alex Borges
    Alex Borges says:

    Very good! I’m enjoying this possibility of learning to code for Mega Drive. There is no satisfactory documentation for SGDK, so all help is welcome! Please, increase your Patreon with a complete course, which has examples of how to make typical Mega Drive games, insert graphics and music, everything with source code to practice. I would be a subscriber for sure!


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