OZRI2018 – 3D models of Australian capital cities

OZRI2018 – 3D models of Australian capital cities

Aerometrex provide 3D models of Australian Capital cities as a download, service or subscription.

Standard resolution is 7.5cm for 2018 3D models and 10cm for 2017 models.

Whole 3D models cost is AUD 5,000.00-10,000.00.

Data can be provided in a range of 3D formats including ESRI i3s, Cesium 3D tiles, OSGB, OBJ, FBX, LAS, Bentley 3MX/3SM etc.

These 3D models can be used for a range of applications including but not limited to:

Town planning and urban design
Civil Engineering and transport
Solar analysis
Games and virtual reality
Visual effects

Contact us on: 8 8362 9911
info@aerometrex.com.au or visit www.aero3dpro.com.au

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