House 3D Flythrough

House 3D Flythrough
2nd attempt at an upload, this time as an mpeg-4. Maybe the music will make it across this time.

Another animated cross-eye stereogram. I find the only comfortable way to view this is by holding my hands out, palms forward, about a year inch apart and peering through the gap.

Incidental music written using Sibelius 6, it allows you to link key points in the score with key points in the video. I’m not enormously proud of the (utilitarian) music, I just think that the video is probably a little better with it than without.

No pretense at image quality, this took most of the weekend to render.
By Bill Hails on 2010-05-04 11:29:38

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  1. marccarson
    marccarson says:

    Cool! That was fun to watch. It would be neat to get rid of all the ambient (additive) light and enable something like global illumination with a sun lamp, but that would take a lot longer to render 🙂

  2. kiml42
    kiml42 says:

    Oh, that’s good.
    I think maybe you could have emphasized the 3D effect a little more, but that would make it harder to get your eyes right.
    I’m definitely doing these too often, my eyes keep crossing even when I’m not looking at one.

  3. Bill Hails
    Bill Hails says:

    Re. emphasizing the stereo, I fortuitously built the model using macros for distances (#macro CM(n) ((n) * 100) #end etc.), so the red pillar for example is 2 "metres" tall.
    On that scale the cameras are 7cm apart, slightly wider than my measured 6.5cm pupil to pupil distance, so the 3D is very slightly over-emphasized, while maintaining what I hope is a natural feel.

    [edit] that should have read:

    #macro CM(n) ((n) / 100) #end

    meter (M) being the arbitrary natural unit:

    #macro M(n) (n) #end


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