3D Modeling Time Lapse (Speed Modeling) – Tiger II [Pt. 1]

3D Modeling Time Lapse (Speed Modeling) – Tiger II [Pt. 1]

Speed modeling of a German Tiger II heavy tank

Due to the length of the original video, part two will be uploaded soon.


Avenza – Never Sober

Truth x Lies – City Lights

Kasbo – Visible

Boston – Kyari

From The Dust – We Rise

I do not own any of these tracks, nor did I create them.

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  1. DantheCardboardMan
    DantheCardboardMan says:

    Where did you learn to model like this? I’m trying to model a tank right now and it’s super hard and I have no idea what I’m doing

  2. Over Lord115
    Over Lord115 says:

    Please do a tutorial on how to make models with this level so advanced and with subtitles in spanish if you can, I would greatly appreciate it, I have many models in mind but I do not know how to do them and less with your skill

  3. DarkXess
    DarkXess says:

    I noticed in the comments about you wanting feedback on tutorials, and of course, I’m another who like to see more. The thing is nowadays 90% of blender or any 3d stuff is speed modeling, I don’t mind it to be honest but to learn stuff and advance in my skills I would like to learn from others in tutorials, it looks like you know your modeling very well, so you have a new sub and I’m hoping you can decide on making them tutorials in the future 🙂

  4. GreenLeaf 82
    GreenLeaf 82 says:

    Nowhere near as good as this I am mainly just getting used to Blender but here is a link to my new twitter account with a tweet that shows a maus I am modeling in Blender. It is not finished I still need to get the slopes right on the front of the turret.


  5. KebakaranJenggot
    KebakaranJenggot says:

    watching speed modelling like this makes me so excited! but i know i cant make a model as detailed as yours because i’m not really patient lol.

    cant wait for part 2! here, have a subscribe 🙂


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