Brief Description

If you’ve mastered the fundamentals of ActionScript, your next step is to learn how to use Flash’s advanced ActionScript 3.0 capabilities and components to build sophisticated, data-driven Flash applications.

With simple examples of programming, our instructors will enable you to understand the nuances of object-oriented programming, and you will then multiply the possibilities of ActionScript. Your creativity will become boundless!


Upon completion of this coaching on ActionScript 3.0, you will be able to make original graphics of great complexity, implement constantly changing colors, create animations with hundreds of objects on the scene, provide an unequalled interactivity, control all media, manage a website, dynamically manipulate text, apply CSS, etc.

Course Content

. Reminders on object-oriented programming (OOP): properties and methods

. Variables and functions: declaration and types

. Dynamically place and remove an object from the scene

. Manage events: mouse, keyboard, timers, meetings

. Draw without tools thanks to ActionScript 3.0

. Color geometries and dynamically apply filters

. Load an image and play sound or video

. Automatically check the level of loading and link multiple media

. Open a website and send an e-mail

. Make a timeline or a stop motion animation without tween

. Understand the hierarchy and animate the complex interlinked movements

. Create a text field and fill it

. Format text and embed a font

. Treat data from an HTML file, XML or JavaScript

. Apply a CSS style sheet

. Build a class to add properties and methods

. Making a manufacturer and extend a class

. Link by document class

. Work with the components and know how to program

. Organize classes into packages and set their paths

. Conduct, organize and optimize a Flash project done in AS 3.0


Basic knowledge of the software ActionSript 3.0

Teaching Approach

This personalized course on ActionScript is based on a practical approach that takes into consideration your knowledge, your skills, your projects and your learning goals.