JavaScript training in Quebec

Brief description You will learn how to write and analyze the bugs of a program JavaScript using development techniques that work. Add interactivity with dynamic pages, create forms that save and validate user input.
Goals Visually exciting and compelling web pages are key elements of a successful web strategy. This course provides in-depth hands-on experience writing client-side JavaScript. You will learn how to integrate JavaScript into your web pages and create an interactive and dynamic website. You will also learn how to take advantage of development best practices and techniques.
Contents Module 1 – Beginner

  1. Introduction to Javascript
  2. Javascript basics
  1. Tags
  3. The variables
  4. Data types
  5. The operators
  6. Control structures
  7. Functions
  • The tables
    1. Scalar arrays
    2. Associative arrays
    3. Multidimensional arrays
  • Date manipulation
    1. The Date object
    2. Creating a timer
  • Manipulation of character strings
    1. How chains work
    2. String concatenation
    3. The String object
    4. The evaluation of a chain
    5. Handling special characters
  • Mathematical operators
    1. Conversions
    2. The Math object

    Module 2 – Intermediate

    1. Cookies
    1. Cookies and security
    2. Handling cookies
  • Windows, pop-ups and frames
    1. The windows object
    2. The pop-ups
    3. The frames
  • Images
    1. The image object
    2. Image preloading
    3. functions on images
  • Interactivity
    1. Dialog boxes
    2. The events
    3. Mouse management
    4. Keyboard management
    5. Error handling

    Module 3 – Advanced

    1. The forms
    1. The form object
    2. Form elements
    3. Input controls
    4. Send it by email
  • Document and dynamism
    1. DHTML
    2. The document object
  • Some advanced features
    1. Regular expressions
    2. Introduction to Ajax
    3. Introduction to the JQuery library
    Prerequisites Those involved in establishing, developing or maintaining a website. Experience developing web pages with HTML at the training level,  Development of a website " , is necessary. A good understanding of programming concepts is helpful.
    Pedagogical approach The programming course JavaScript is based on a
    approach adapted to the objective and the advancement of the student's knowledge.
    Documents or materials to bring
    • USB key
    • pencil paper
    • your ideas
    Features Private JavaScript training that really meets your
    needs and the possibility of deepening at your own pace. Variable schedule depending on
    your availability.

    Montreal 514.448.0883

    Quebec 418.478.1647

    Ottawa 613.366.1743

    [email protected]

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