Javascript training for WordPress in Quebec and Lévis

Introduction to WordPress and JavaScript training

  1. Understand the basics of WordPress and its architecture
  2. Introduction to JavaScript and its role in creating WordPress plugins
  3. Setting up the development environment for WordPress and JavaScript
  4. Introduction to the WordPress plugin API and its functions
  5. Best practices and coding standards for creating WordPress plugins with JavaScript

Workshop for creating a simple WordPress plugin with JavaScript in Quebec

  1. Create a new plugin in WordPress and add JavaScript code to it
  2. Understanding the WordPress wp_enqueue_script function and how to use it
  3. Creating custom JavaScript functions for the plugin
  4. Implementing JavaScript code to interact with WordPress via API
  5. Test and debug the plugin to ensure it works as expected

How to Add Custom Fields and Metaboxes to WordPress Posts in Levis

  1. Understanding Custom Fields and Metaboxes in WordPress
  2. Creating custom fields using JavaScript and the WordPress API
  3. Implementing custom metaboxes with JavaScript to store custom field data
  4. Adding and updating custom fields and metaboxes to the WordPress database
  5. Displaying custom fields and metaboxes in the front-end of the WordPress site
Training Implementation of AJAX in WordPress plugins in Quebec
  1. Understand the basics of AJAX and how it works in WordPress
  2. Implement AJAX in WordPress plugins with JavaScript
  3. Creation and management of AJAX requests in the plugin
  4. Updating WordPress Database with AJAX
  5. Displaying AJAX responses on the WordPress site front-end
Training Working with WordPress taxonomies and categories in Quebec
  1. Understand taxonomies and categories in WordPress
  2. Creating custom taxonomies with JavaScript
  3. Add, update and delete taxonomy terms with JavaScript
  4. Display of taxonomy terms and custom categories on WordPress site front-end
  5. Using JavaScript to query and filter taxonomy terms and categories
Training Advanced development of WordPress plugins with JavaScript in Quebec and Lévis
  1. Implementation of security and best practices in the WordPress plug-ins
  2. Creating multilingual support for plugins with JavaScript
  3. Third-party API integration with WordPress and JavaScript
  4. Debug and test WordPress plugins
  5. Deployment and distribution of the plugin in the WordPress plugin repository.
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