Adobe Animate CC training online or privately

Adobe Animate corporate trainingAdobe Muse in-company training in Quebec, south shore, laval

Brief description

Thanks to Flash, you will be able to create 2D animations and complete websites that are extremely rich in motion and sound. You can also take Flash training a step further and create your own games for the Internet.


Bring the student to understand and use Flash effectively, in order to create animations for personal or professional projects.

  • Contents
  • The vector drawing
  • Tools and their properties
  • Colors and gradients
  • Specificity of text fields
  • Importing images, unlinking
  • Creation of Flash animations
  • Scenarios, keyframes
  • Integration and animation
  • Management of time, space and depth
  • Displacement in time
  • Play management, loop
  • Interpolation of motion, shape
  • Flash animation management
  • Distinction between symbol and instance
  • Organization of the library
  • Object instances and modification
  • Peculiarities of music videos, effects
  • Embedded animations
  • Animation Duplicating
  • Onion skin, visual aids
  • Render
  • Export formats, publishing
  • Animation optimization
  • Import animation into HTML
  • Object tag, IE/Mozilla distinction
  • Getting started with animation scripting
  • Animation control


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