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Private JavaScript lessons in Montreal

Brief description

This course is intended for people of all levels: those who wish to know the HTML language and who have little or no experience with JavaScript as well as those who wish to perfect their knowledge. Indeed, this course will prove to be very useful if you have already used pre-written scripts and wish to learn the underlying concepts of the JavaScript language and web scripting. You will therefore be able to write your own scripts, thanks to this software and the help of one of our trainers.


You will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript as a web programming language, including basic programming concepts that apply to using JavaScript and writing. The focus is on creating interactivity for text and graphics. This web course in ottawa presents the current features of the compliant web technical standards for the use of this software.



. Introduction to Javascript
. Javascript basics
. Tags
. Comments
. The variables
. Data types
. The operators
. Control structures
. Functions

The tables

. Scalar arrays
. Associative arrays
. Multidimensional arrays

Date manipulation

. The date object
. Creating a timer

Manipulation of character strings

. How chains work
. String concatenation
. The string object
. The evaluation of a string
. Handling special characters

Mathematical operators

. Conversions
. The math object


. Cookies

. Cookies and security
. Handling cookies

Windows, pop-ups and frames

. The window object
. The pop-ups
. The frames


. The image object
. Image preloading
. functions on images


. Dialog boxes
. The events
. Mouse management
. Keyboard management
. Error handling


The forms

. The form object (form)
. Form elements
. Input controls
. Sending by email

Document and dynamism

. The document object

Some advanced features

. Regular expressions
. Introduction to Ajax
. Introduction to the JQuery library


Basic knowledge and a Dreamweaver training in Montreal or HTML language.

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