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Action Script and Adobe Animate Ottawa course


DESCRIPTION of Adobe Animate Ottawa course

ActionScript is a program that adds a layer of interactivity to flash animation. Indeed, it gives a better rendering to flash animation that you have already designed. It is a great help for programming. Moreover, it also facilitates the communication of the application that you have programmed with the server. On the other hand, ActionScript helps to prioritize animations thanks to the control it has over Movie-Clips. This training in Toronto will then allow you to have a certain control over this software, but also to know how to give more life to the Adobe Animate animations you are programming. So, if you want to give a better rendering to your programming, this workshop is made for you.

The power of Action Script

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At the end of the continuing education, you must be able to fully understand the language of Action Script programming. You must also be able to design animation, but also to produce multimedia effects for the NET or for the communication of your business in Ottawa.

Presentation of the Action Script course in Ottawa and Adobe Animate CC

  • Overview of different flash drives
  • All about the code editor
  • Understand the different modes
  • Configure your workspace and preferences
  • Grab the program interface

Fundamentals of the Action Script language

  • Explanation of the notions of variables, constants and scopes
  • Programming for objects
  • Types of operators
  • The different structures
  • Creating custom functions

'Event control

  • The creation of listeners
  • Interactions on a clip
  • menus and forms

Zoom on movie clips

  • Movie Clip Starts and Control
  • How to load external movie-clips
  • Empty movie clips
  • Transferring information to movie clips

Adobe Flash and Animate Montreal and Ottawa training

Pedagogical approach

These Classes are much more oriented towards people who have already understood the program Adobe Flash. The person must first understand Flash before embarking on the code ActionScript. However, the trainers can undertake to give you private lesson or some private lessons.


This course is also important for people who are already in the field and who are looking for much more professional perfection or one business coaching for their team of programmers. On the other hand, they can take advantage of seminar or the conference to perfect.

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learn 2D animation in montreal, game creation and animation