Private teacher for Flash action Script in Hull, Gatineau Ottawa ontario

ActionScript 3.0 is the driving force behind Flash. This class is designed for the intermediate level Flash designers that would like to create powerful, compelling, and highly interactive digital content for the Web with Flash and ActionScript. Our trainers will clearly demonstrate the basics of object-oriented programming with exercises adapted to your projects. You will discover how ActionScript 3.0 is tenfold the capacity of Flash.


Upon completion of this private coaching on ActionScript, the participant will have the skills to perform different tasks, such as creating complex animations without timeline, making all kinds of interactivity, conducting a host of objects on the stage, dynamically applying filters, automatically controlling the sound and video, etc.

Course Content

. Object-oriented programming (OOP): simple explanations of the principles of syntax and benefits
. Properties and methods: the building blocks of OOP
. Variables and functions: declaration and types
. Place and remove an object dynamically from the scene
. Manage events: mouse, keyboard, timers, meetings
. Draw without tools thanks to ActionScript 3.0
. Color geometries and dynamically apply filters
. Load an image and play sound or video
. Automatically check the level of loading and link multiple medias
. Make a timeline or a stop motion animation without tween
. Draft an animation entirely with AS 3.0


Experience with Flash is required to receive the coaching on ActionScript.

This personalized course on ActionScript is based on a practical approach that takes into consideration your knowledge, your skills, your projects and your learning goals.