Basic ActionScript training

Summary description of the ActionScript course ActionScript Court in Quebec

If you used Flash without programming ActionScript, this training is for you, because it allows you to move directly to ActionScript 3.0 adopted by Adobe from Flash CS3. Our trainers will explain to you very simply the basics of object-oriented programming, through small educational programs or by working with you on your projects. You will then discover how ActionScript 3.0 multiplies the capabilities of Flash.


This course allows the student to design complex animations without a timeline (timeline), perform interactivity of all kinds, animate hundreds of objects on the stage, dynamically apply filters, automatically control sound and video, etc.


. Object-oriented programming (OOP): simple explanations of the principle, syntax and advantages

. Properties and methods: the building blocks of OOP

. Variables and functions: declaration and types

. Dynamically placing and removing an object from the scene

. Manage events: mouse, keyboard, timeouts, encounters

. Draw without tools with ActionScript 3.0

. Color geometries and dynamically apply filters

. Upload an image and play a sound or a video

. Automatically check the loading level and chain multiple media

. Do, without timeline, a tween or frame-by-frame animation

. Realize an entire animation project with AS 3.0


Minimal internet and computer knowledge.

Pedagogical approach

ActionScript training focuses on project planning and structure to optimize the design process. This course is based on a personalized and practical approach that takes into consideration your achievements, your skills, your project and what you want to learn.

Documents or materials to bring

. USB key
. Paper, pencils
. your ideas


This private ActionScript training really meets your needs and offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, at your own pace. The flexible schedule is established according to your availability.


Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

Toronto: 416 907-8551