Advanced ActionScript training

Summary description of the ActionScript course Action Script Course in Quebec

If you used Flash with ActionScript 2.0, this training will allow you to easily switch to ActionScript 3.0 which is ten times faster! Through simple programming examples, our trainers will make you understand all the nuances of object-oriented programming, and you will then be able to multiply the possibilities of Flash! Your creativity will then have no limits!


With ActionScript 3.0 you will be able to create original graphics of great complexity, apply permanently changing colors, animate hundreds of objects on the stage, unparalleled interactivity, control all media, open a website, manipulate dynamically texts, apply CSS style sheets, etc.


. Reminder on object-oriented programming (OOP): properties and methods

. Variables and functions: declaration and types

. Dynamically placing and removing an object from the scene

. Manage events: mouse, keyboard, timeouts, encounters

. Draw without tools thanks to ActionScript 3.0

. Color geometries and dynamically apply filters

. Upload an image and play a sound or a video

. Automatically check the loading level and chain multiple media

. Open a website and send an email

. Make a timelineless tween or stop motion animation

. Understand the hierarchy and animate complex nested movements

. Create a text field and fill it

. Format text and embed a font

. Process data from a file HTML, XML Where JavaScript

. Apply a CSS style sheet

. Building a class, adding properties and methods to it

. Realize a constructor and extend a class

. Binding by class document

. Working with components and knowing how to program them

. Organize classes into groups (packages) and define their paths

. Realize, organize and optimize a project Flash made in AS 3.0


Minimal knowledge of internet tool and computer.

Pedagogical approach

Advanced ActionScript training is based on a personalized and hands-on approach that takes into consideration your background, your skills, your project and what you want to learn.

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