Adobe Illustrator Training


The suite Adobe software has become a must in all fields.
This suite has the best tools in all matters concerning computer graphics, editing, reading files, 3D modeling and everything related to the world of film and video games.

However, as adobe enjoys very significant use within the company. Moreover, one of its tools to learn Adobe Illustrator is one of the most used computer graphics and even by Illustrators in the professional world. Only it appears beyond doubt that it is a great way to learn to give a visual identity for your company based in Montreal. Besides,whether in Laval or Longueuil these courses will help to have some mastery of business communication channels.


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Introduction to Using Adobe Illustrator

    • Understand the difference between a bitmap and vector images
    • Knowing the issues of this difference in order to understand Illustrator

Understand the user interface

    • Explanation of the workspace
    • Using the different menus
    • Usefulness of dialogs
    • Overview of all the tools and palettes
    • The layers of directory
    • Zoom and work preferences
    • X and Y pins
    • The grid work
    • Use of all the rules and units

Some basic concepts

    • View on all colors
    • Workshop on swatches
    • Using Layers
    • Accompaniment by a teacher for the use of work plans

Training on the basics

    • Individual coaching on simple shapes to performin Illustrator
    • What are the drawing tools to use freehand?
    • The tool of Direct Selection
    • Establish a trace
    • Understanding Bezier curves

The visual enrichment

    • Professional development of 3D effects and artistic
    • The creation of forms as complex as easy
    • Continus training on the use of plots
    • How to dynamically vectorize a bitmap
    • All tools of melting or distorted images
    • clipping

The colors setting

    • Learning How to put a color
    • An overview on all color modes
    • Understand the meaning ofthe colours : CMYK , RGB, Pantone …
    • How to create patterns and how to customize
    • Nuance libraries
    • Followed by a teacher on the use of color palettes

The layout

    • Full seminar on formatting pages on Illustrator
    • corporate training on the use of benchmarks
    • Formatting paragraphs and texts
    • The value of hanging titles
    • How to use models
    • How to manage lost funds


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Toronto : 416 907-8551

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