Adobe Illustrator CC Training Ottawa GatineauAdobe Illustrator Private courses in Ottawa

This course teaches how to create fabulous graphics with Illustrator. From an idea to its realization, it is possible to generate logos, posters and elements for the web or print, thanks to vector drawing and Illustrator.


This course aims to enable students to understand and use the graphics software Illustrator.


  • Illustrator fundamentals
  • Graphics : vector and bitmap
  • The workspace in Illustrator
  • Tools
  • Basic shapes
  • The direct selection
  • Graphic styles
  • The object concept in Illustrator
  • Order of superposition
  • Hide and redisplay of objects
  • Text handling
  • Free, curved and captive text
  • “Columning”
  • Text vectorization
  • Effects of perspective
  • Coloring in Illustrator
  • Exploration of different formats for the web or print, in Illustrator


Basic computer skills.

Teaching Approach

The course on Illustrator is based on a personalized approach that takes into
consideration your skills, your knowledge and what you want to learn.

Documents or material provided

  • Computer
  • Software
  • Technical suppport

Documents or material to bring

  • USB key
  • Paper and pencils
  • Your ideas


This Illustrator private training really meets your needs and offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge at your own pace. The flexible schedule is planned in accordance with your availability.

Montreal : 514 448-0883

Quebec : 418 478-1647

Ottawa : 613 366-1743

Toronto : 416 907-8551

Calgary: 403 536-0703   

Edmonton 780 669-6585 

Vancouver: 778 785-2229

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