What Video Editing Software To Buy? AVID, FCPX, ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC ….

What Video Editing Software To Buy? AVID, FCPX, ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC ….

This is an update to a video I made 5 years ago about what video editing software is best to use. I discuss all different types of video editing software, including AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere Pro. To see the old video go here:

In this video I give you a brief description on different editing programs and which one will help you reach the next level. Casey Neistat gives his opinion on FCPX.

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Learn more about Windows Movie Maker here:

Learn more about iMovie here :

Learn more about Apple’s Final Cut X here:

Learn more about Adobe Premier Pro here:

Learn more about Avid Media Composer here:

Link to Eddie Hamilton (film editor, Kick Ass) on why he prefers working with AVID:

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In this playlist, you can see different Video Editing and Video Production Techniques:

In this playlist, you can watch Michael James’ beginners tutorials for Final Cut Pro 7:

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8 replies
  1. Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith says:

    Great perspective on the editors. I am not really a big fan of Final Cut Pro X either, though most of my friends love the software. I think because they are MAC people and I have always been a PC guy. I think a major seller a long time ago with FCP was the encoding engine. I think the pc video editors have overcome that with more powerful processors and better video cards.
    The only thing I don’t like about Avid and Adobe is that you need a lot of processor power and memory to make the applications work pretty well. I would suggest a minimum of a quad core I7 processor with at least 16GB. How powerful is your MAC TVproductionGUY?

  2. Jason Kiner Provision Soundz Digital Multimedia
    Jason Kiner Provision Soundz Digital Multimedia says:

    Thanks again for your Advice this is really helpful for me to make a decision for new editing software to buy


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