Walter Murch: Making the Right Editing Choices & Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Walter Murch: Making the Right Editing Choices & Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn how legendary filmmaker Walter Murch makes editing decisions using Premiere Pro. He also describes his recent switch to Premiere Pro CC as his editing solution of choice. Learn more about Adobe pro video & audio tools:



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  1. teutonika
    teutonika says:

    Hm. Seeing this great editor working in such slow and clumsy way of trimming, dragging or editing … frankly, I’m not sure if that’s a great promotion for Premiere Pro. Seriously – who trims with mouse clicks instead of entering (+/-) frames on keyboard? Who drags an audio-edit instead of just mark and hit ‘extend’? And who uses razor-blade? The skin-layer only makes sense if you have performance issues. I think Walter should go back to his old chum, that – by the way – supports 64 audio-tracks as well now.

  2. David Uebergang
    David Uebergang says:

    That was great. The skin/ notch idea at the end is a nice one. Wouldn’t it start getting messy if you do any ripple deletes? I guess at that point you could stop doing them

  3. Tom Knoll
    Tom Knoll says:

    Avid has tons of legacy problems and FCP suffers from the mutilation apple did to it to appease the huge consumer market. So PP is the way to go in order to get results quick, easy and still professionally.

  4. Sam Fuller
    Sam Fuller says:

    The approach of using a "top-layer-skin" is so beautifully innovative, and such a great visual representation. Walter, bless your mind.

  5. microbroadcast
    microbroadcast says:

    Adobe, this was a great presentation. I could listen & watch Walter Murch all day, he is so informative. Can we have more of this kind of presentation please.

  6. Joel Salazar
    Joel Salazar says:

    Great. Just one comment: the music can also start when the stick is down. It depends on whether you start with a silence (very common) or not.

  7. EmpyreanLightASMR
    EmpyreanLightASMR says:

    Great idea with QT export/import after the first assembly, then continuing editing from there. Not sure I’d be comfortable with a 2.5 hour timeline, but I also don’t have to worry about it 🙂

  8. garrison968
    garrison968 says:

    One of the best editors ever. HIs work on The Conversation is one of the best pieces of visual and sound editing ever.

  9. santhosh t
    santhosh t says:

    Premier pro is a great software 100 % better the fcp n avid in file
    handling, but i dont understand y indian"s ask FCP , though i show them
    the quality of video is better then fcp r avid ,

  10. bobby dazzler
    bobby dazzler says:

    Does anyone know any similar lectures/tutorials like this that explore subtle editing techniques/rhythm etc … I can’t find anything else on this level

  11. bluenetmarketing
    bluenetmarketing says:

    So what does he use when he’s not using Adobe, or FCP, or Avid? And does anyone of note use Vegas Pro or is it not even in the game?

  12. Alexander Verdoodt
    Alexander Verdoodt says:

    What are the bugs and ‘bugettes’ he’s talking about. Did he mention them, did I miss something?

  13. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    I read in the blink of an eye, and I never realized the HTC worked like Walter described he used to with analog footage. Mind Blown!

  14. João Solimeo
    João Solimeo says:

    It´s very humbling to see a master like Murch still trying new things and not being afraid of switching to a new software. The final film is what matters, not the tools you used to put it together.

  15. sahit anand
    sahit anand says:

    I’ve never used FCP. I learnt editing in premiere and have continued to use it ever since. Short films, music videos, commercials… all done on premiere. But now, after FCPX 10.3, I started getting curious as I heard a lot of people talking about how slick it had become after the whole iMovie pro debacle. I’ve been dabbling around a bit and I’m starting to like what’s in there. A lot of my premiere fondness is part of my muscle memory but there are more than just a few things that’s really tempting in FCPX. So I’m giving it a shot for my next project. As someone who’s completely new to FCP, I don’t have the bitterness of being screwed over by FCP from 7 to 10. So I can approach it just as I approached premiere 10 years back. But man! I can’t even begin to imagine how people must have felt when Apple screwed things up with 10. I mean when you lose people like Walter, it’s safe to say, you’ve lost the plot.

  16. deanjohncaldicott
    deanjohncaldicott says:

    This is invaluable I only wish there was more of it and we could watch Walter work on a project stood at his work station from start to finish. Understandably summarized to some extent as it would be months worth of footage, but I would happily watch hours of him at work.

    Interviews and docs are great plus there’s no shortage of software tutorials, however something like this is really lacking online. Please Walter anyone in the industry make a video like this so we can all share in your wisdom. In the blink of an eye is a fantastic read but we can learn so much more from watching professionals at work. I’d happily pay for something like this and sure many others out there would also.

  17. Danny Ryan
    Danny Ryan says:

    This has been fantastic help and has opened up my eyes to new techniques and Premiere Pro tricks. I love how Adobe are adopting the recommendations from artists so quickly!

  18. Albert Arriola
    Albert Arriola says:

    Are there more of these? I feel like there are so many speeches on visual effects. I want to hear more about video editing 😀 Any recommendations appreciated.

  19. Mark Elliot
    Mark Elliot says:

    Kudos…this has be one of the best presentations I have watched…so refreshing to hear someone speak from a ‘heart’ level and not once drop the f-bomb or tails of sleeping with everyone in the office…I wonder if Mr. Murch has written a book on these exact items he listed? Again, this is the best preso from Adobe ever.


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