SOUND DESIGN Tips & Tricks You have to KNOW

SOUND DESIGN Tips & Tricks You have to KNOW – Simple audio tips and tricks to create a more dynamic soundscape. Learn how to make a good sound design for your videos with Premiere Pro.

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50 replies
  1. Adel Widya
    Adel Widya says:

    Hello , im from Indonesia , thanks for inspiring me and sharing about filmaking , i love your video , hope you always sharing about your experience 🙂

  2. Mikael S-P
    Mikael S-P says:

    The cooking egg sound started to brutally, it takes time in real life to get it cooking, boiling and stuff. 🙂
    Great video though.

  3. LimeFlux
    LimeFlux says:

    whole timing of the sound effects seems like a mess to me. the timings are ridiculous. TIMING DUDE. COMMON.

    good tut though. cheers.

  4. yonut98neq
    yonut98neq says:

    the beginning sequence was so cringy. Sound effects are so good and it’s great that you made a tutorial about this, but in my opinion, it’s overdone and seems very unnatural. the idea is good, the execution, not so much

  5. Arindam Naskar
    Arindam Naskar says:

    Hey Jordy, please make more videos on adding audio transitions like whooshes, impacts, glitches etc….some sort of audio transition 101..
    Really looking forward to that..
    Thanks in advance


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