Python Programming Tutorial – 40 – Lamdba

Python Programming Tutorial – 40 – Lamdba

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18 replies
  1. Iradium Dji
    Iradium Dji says:

    thank you very much for posting ! i dont understand oral english very well but your accent is very clear ! ty

  2. Borislav Rangelov
    Borislav Rangelov says:

    Video starts with: "lambda: L – A – M – B – D – A" and the title… The coinsidence gave me a good laught 🙂

  3. Paweł Brysch
    Paweł Brysch says:

    2:10 – nazwa_funkcji = lambda: cialo

    Służy do prostych funkcji
    I do czegoś jeszcze (dalszą część filmiku)

  4. Batman
    Batman says:

    why I can’t do something like this cuz when I do it shows an error

    add_two_nubs = lambda a,b: c=a+b print(c)


  5. dldldl
    dldldl says:

    Bucky, is it possible to do a lambda that calls two functions? I have a button in Tkinter that is meant to call one function and close a frame, but I’ve been unable to make it do both things. I tried ‘&’ but that returns a none type error. 


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